Restaurant in Bussana Vecchia in Liguria

Restaurants in Liguria

From meat to pasta, the culinary diversity of the Ligurian countryside, offers delicious interesting new trends

There are homemade specialties in the cozy restaurants of the small mountain villages. Get pampered by the gentle Ligurian cuisine, enjoy deep fried vegetables, pesto, fish and game dishes, and delicious endless appetizer plates and off course sweet desserts without remorse.

Restaurant in Liguria next to the mountains

Olives, oil, wine, herbs, fish, game and vegetables

Many simple dishes of the past have now become specialties. The Ligurian cuisine is often referred to as rural or even "poor kitchen", as the Ligurians, due to the geographical situation of the country with mountains and ocean conjure tasty dishes with olive oil from simple, available ingredients such as Fish, legumes and vegetables. This cuisine is very digestible and many dishes are combined with the products of extensive forests like, mushrooms, chestnuts, pine nuts, wild boar and wild herbs.

Many names have different meanings, but the food is always good

A bar offers mostly appetizers and drinks, a Vinerian wine and delicious snacks, you get pizza in the pizzeria, salads and mostly desserts, the Paninoteca sells hot sandwiches, pizza and focaccia, the Osteria was formerly a pub like the Bavarian beer garden, presently one gets simple dishes, you get simple local food at reasonable prices in the Trattoria, usually consisting of four courses and often only on notification but with individual opening hours.

Restaurant by the sea in Diano Marina

Restaurant in Diano Marina

A restaurant offers full menu selection from the antipasti to the digestive, usually a good homemade lemon liqueur, the "Limoncello". The Spaghetteria only has pasta on the menu and in the Rosticceria you get barbecue with small side dishes from street vendors for your picnic. Many farmhouses and wineries organize tastings in order to praise their products during a mea. Big groups or families can book an evening in advance and pay for a fixed menu on an agreed price.

PaoloMaria restaurant in Liguria

PaoloMaria restaurant

One gets to know regional peculiarities at local Sagras (village festivals)

Good food does not have to be expensive. It is not necessary to visit a restaurant if you want to taste the delicacies of Ligurian cuisine since it can be found anywhere at village festivals throughout Liguria on weekends, where you get to eat local specialties for example, Baccala , gnocchi , Trombette, Fiori di Zuccha, Frisceu, Cima and more with an accompaniment of great music and dance. The" Notte Bianca" where all the shops are opened till late in the night is also well known. This is where Agriturismo sell their homemade products at market stalls.

One gets great cheese, meat products, salami, pickled or dried vegetables and mushrooms, salt cod and lots of fresh goods from the weekly morning held markets. 

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