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Casanova Lerrone in Italy | Province of Savona, Liguria

Visit the beautiful town of Casanova Lerrone during your holiday in Liguria, Italy.

Casanova Lerrone

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Casanova Lerrone


A small mountain village in the hinterland of Andora which was named after the Lerrone stream

Come and take in bouts of sunshine while playing golf in Garlenda and bicycle-racing on the Passo del Ginestra - Casanova Lerrone is a municipality with many possibilities

Travel tips

Travel tips

One place worth visiting is the baroque Parish Church of St. Antonius, which contains a valuable altar-picture from 1552. Even the Parish Church of St. Antonio e Giuliano is worth seeing. The organ originates from the late 19th century and was built by a famous organ builder.

The two castles of Poggiolo Bassanico and that of the Doria family are very fascinating.

The villa which was built by Count Della Lengueglia is still well maintained even today.

So too are the ruins of the defence facilities belonging to Marquis Del Caretto together with a defense tower well maintained and worth seeing.  

Casanova Lerrone lies on the Passo del Ginestra. This is a very popular circular trail for cyclists which connects the upper Impero valley with the Merula valley and the Lerrone valley. It runs along the border between the provinces of Savona and Imperia and runs through picturesque landscapes. During spring in particular, one can admire the blossoming broom flowers between olive trees.

On the lower side of the village lies Garlenda, a village which already belongs to Imperia. Its trotting track and the legendary Meeting of Fiat 500 Series attract many visitors. This is an occasion to admire 1000 Fiats 500s, and this spectacular event is just a stone’s throw away from Casanova Lerrone.

There is a restaurant and a grocery shop in the main locality in Cassanova Lerrone. The church is also located in the centre of the village which is surrounded by lots of green. This serves as a good example of the works of man which are still in harmony with nature. The village landscape is characterized by numerous chestnut trees, olive groves – which still surround the village – and the ever well-tended farmland. 



Casanova Lerrone is a small mountain village in the Lerrone valley on the outskirts of Savona. The village is embedded within olive groves and runs behind the coastal town of Albenga; it was named after the Lerrone stream, which bears the same name. The village lies on the left-hand side of the said stream and boasts of 11 localities: Cardona, Castellaro, Cesii, Comparati, Degna, Fossato, Maremo Soprano Sottano, Marmoreo, Raimondi, Sgua and Vellego. Furthermore, Casanove Lerrone lies on the border with the province of Imperia.

Casanova Lerrone was founded in the 11th century and developed due to the strategic importance accorded by the Del Caretto family. In the 13th century Casanova Lerrone was sold to the Marquise of Clavesana, and from 1250 onwards it was property of the Doria family. In 1443 Casanova Lerrone became a fiefdom of the Count of Lengueglia and part of the Republic of Genoa. From 1797 the village reverted back to the Republic of Liguria and was then integrated into the First French Empire in 1805.

In 1815 Casanova Lerrone was annexed first to the kingdom of Sardinia and then in 1861 to the Italian kingdom. From 1973 to 2011 Casanova Lerrone was part of the mountain community of Ingauna and Ponente Savona.

How to reach

How to reach

There are many other villages near Cassanova Lerrone, for example: Ranco (2.2 km), Marmoreo (1.9 km) and Cardoni (4.4 km). Take the highway exit to Albenga from the E80 and then turn left. Follow the SS1 up to Garlenda then take the SP6 to Casanova Lerrone.

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