Recipes from Liguria

Ligurian recipes

Liguria defines its cuisine with ingredients from the sea and the subsequent mountains.

We have compiled for you how Pesto Genovese, Focaccia, Farinata, Cima ripiena, Ciuppin, Coniglio in Umido, Torta di Verdura, Ravioli alla Genovese, Riccioli alla Portofino, Pansotti, desserts such Pandolce, Pandoro or Panettone und and many other Ligurian specialties and tasty dishes are prepared.

Many travelers to Italy come precisely because of the good food

The star of this light cuisine is the Ligurian olive oil. It experienced an enormous response in recent years because it is particularly low in acidity and has a fruity, mild flavor.

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1. Menu

Antipasti Antipasti
Salads Salads
Soups Soups
Primi Piatti Primi Piatti
Second Course meal Second Course meal
Pizza Pizza
Pesto Sauses Pesto & Sauses
Side Dishes Side Dishes
Desserts Desserts

2. Main ingredients

Vegetables Vegetables
Meat Meat
Pasta Pasta
Fruits Fruits
Fowl Fowl
Rice Rice
Nuts Nuts
Milk Products Milk Products
Herbs Herbs
Fish Fish
Potatoes Potatoes
Eggs Eggs
Mushrooms Mushrooms
Fruits de mer Fruits de mer

3. Effort and Preparation time

Easy Easy
Medium Medium
Difficult Difficult
Quick Quick
Medium Medium
Long Long

4. Preparation Type

Cook Cook
Bake Bake
Roast Roast
Steam Steam
Gratinate Gratinate
Grill Grill
Fry Fry
Boil Boil

5. Special Category

Fingerfood Fingerfood
Cheap Meal Cheap Meal
Diet Diet
Vegetarian Vegetarian
Hot Dish Hot Dish
Cold Dish Cold Dish
Gluter Free Gluter Free
Nuts Free Nuts Free
Lactose Free Lactose Free

Effort: Easy

These tasty biscuits stem from the region of Genua and are not only popular at Christmas time. A special delicacy to be enjoyed with coffee or as a snack! more
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Cappon magro
Secondi Piatti

Effort: Medium

Although the name indicated otherwise (“Cappon” = “capon”), this Ligurian dish is not a meat dish, but is prepared with vegetables and fish. “Magro” means “lean, meatless”. Depending on the season, the used vegetables may vary and you can adjust the type of fish to taste. more
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Focaccia all'Olio

Effort: Medium

“A fugassa” - in Genua, this term describes the “Focaccia” that you come across all over Liguria. This hand-made Italian flat bread can be enjoyed in many variations. The classical type can be enhanced with various herbs, onions or cheese. In Liguria, focaccia is served for breakfast, as a snack or as antipasto. more
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Lasagne al pesto
Primi Piatti

Effort: Medium

This special Ligurian lasagne is prepared with “Pesto Genovese” instead of mince. It is also called “Lasagne alla Portofino”. more
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Pizza Albenganese

Effort: Easy

This anchovy, olive and tomato pizza is predominantly found in Albenga. more
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Colomba di Pasqua

Effort: Medium

Colomba di Pasqua is a traditional Italian bread for Easter. Colomba in Italian means “dove” so the bread has a dove form. This soft colomba is rich with butter, eggs, raisins, almond icing and a little bit of orange peel is perfect for finishing Easter lunch. more
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Pesto alla Genovese
Pesto & Sauses

Effort: Easy

The capital of Liguria gives its name to the “Pesto alla Genovese” “Pestare” means to crush. The ingredients for the pesto are crushed raw and mixed. The Ligurian basil is particularly full of flavour and has small leaves. It grows all over the region – in the mountains and along the coasts. You can’t miss the smell of fresh basil! A differentiation is made between wintry and summery pesto: In the cold season, pale basil can be found on the balconies. With is delicate flavour, it is served with dishes such as lasagne or gnocchi. Towards the summer, deep green basil grows in the gardens. It has a more intensive flavour and is excellent for refining a minestrone. Be surprised by the versatile use of pesto in Liguria! Enjoy it with pasta dishes, spread on focaccia (a speciality) or in a typical Italian minestrone! more
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