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Province of Savona, Italy | Liguria

Visit the region of Savona in Liguria and learn more about the Italian culture

Provincie Savona

Province of Savona

Savona’s distinguishing feature is the coast. Many villages in Savona thrived on fishing and trade

Located in Savona’s capital city, which bears the same name, is the most important port in the whole of the province. Large companies have set up shop here, the most prominent of which is the Costa Cruise Liner Company, which organizes cruise tours from here to the Mediterranean Sea.

The holiday feeling is always felt during a stroll along the coast

The promenades and coastal streets are lined with palms, which remind one of tropical countries. The continuously mild climate also contributes to the perfect holiday feeling. The untouched, fantastic natural environment in Savona is yet another reason why you should have your holiday in this province. The well-known Nature Conservation Areas of Loanese, Val Bormoda, Parco del Beigua and many others offer all those who love activity-packed holidays the perfect destinations for outings. You can go hiking there, enjoy the natural environment and relax.

The large Marine Conservation Zone off the coast of Savona is also a source of exciting experiences

Come and experience crystal-clear water, secluded bays and fantastic beaches. While in Savona, you can also book whale-watching tours and get a chance to observe these sea mammals in turquoise waters. Undertake some walks along the coast, or go hiking through natural scenery. The idyllic cycle paths along the coast will delight cycling fans. You will have a wonderful panoramic view of the small coastal towns and the fantastic sea from certain vantage points along the way.

History enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth in Savona

Ancient cave drawings in the grotto at Toirano and in other caves testify to a long history, going as far back as the Stone Age.

In addition, you will find old buildings from the Middle Ages, historical churches and relicts from the 15th and 16th centuries in many of the coastal towns. Take a walk through historic town centres, and admire the lighthouses and the romantic beach promenade with historical house facades. Besides, many of the old castles are also well-maintained and are testimony of a very exciting past. Stroll through the traces of time and see where the inhabitants of the town used to run for refuge from pirate attacks.

The best known towns in Savona are Albenga, Albisola Superiore, Varazze and many others. Apart from shopping opportunities, you will also find there several interesting museums, historical town centres and picturesque house facades. Relax in the many beautiful beaches, visit the secluded bays and refresh yourself in clean water, which has been recognized several times with awards for its quality.

Savona also has a lot to offer in terms of culinary delights. You will get freshly caught fish here, as well as the most delicious seafood and of course good wine. The typical Ligurian specialties will not of course miss out here. Savona offers a variety of different but local dishes, coupled with traditional Italian dishes.

Cities in Savona

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