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Ortovero in Italy | Province of Savona, Liguria

Enjoy quiet holiday with your family, tasting Ligurian specialties and Ligurian local wine in the small village of Ortovero in Liguria, Italy.


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A Roman village with historical walls from the Middle Ages 

Come and see the fascinating ruins of the castle and the historical center of town

Travel tips

Travel tips

One of the attractions in the town is the Parish Church San Silvestro which dates back to the  Middle Ages. The church boasts of fascinating decorations from the romanesque era.

The Santa Caterina oratorio d'Alessandria from 1417 is a very interesting site to see. Its interior is decorated with several religious images.

The Rolandi Ricci Villa is situated right at the centre of Ortovero. This Genoan villa originates from the 17th century and was originally property of the Marquise of Ortovero. There is a large magnificent magnolia tree standing in its garden, and it is one of the biggest and highest trees in the whole of Liguria.

The ruins of the former castle are also well-maintained and can be toured to this day. They depict the remains of the one-time castle complex with a watch tower. Even ruins of an abandoned village can be seen in the place.  

Thanks to the wonderful location in the Arroscia valley, there are many beautiful hiking paths and mountain-bike tracks along the river. The location of the village is also ideal for water-sports enthusiasts, since the coast of Albenga is only 12 km away. Swimming, sailing, diving or fishing are all possible here. The beach of Alassio is particularly ideal for the young ones. It is only 15 km from Ortovero and thanks to its evenly sloping sandy beach, you too can be assured of great fun as you relax on the beach.

If you take a morning stroll through the streets of Ortovero you will come across many bars where you can enjoy your morning coffee. You can find everything else you need for your holiday-house vacation in the two grocery shops found in the village. The local restaurants are a perfect place to have a wonderful dinner, and they beckon you with Ligurian dishes and delicious wines. You can also buy the wine in town or taste it during the annual wine festival which always takes place in August.  



A fortress was built in Ortovero during the Roman era, and that simultaneously led to the formation of a small village. During the Middle Ages, the village together with the castle formed an important base for the Marquise of Clavesana, who was able to use that location to assert his control over the growing might of the neighboring region of Albenga.

In the 13th century, the village was afterall finally given to Albenga, after the latter had built roads in the area. Ortovero then became part of the Republic of Genoa, but it reverted back to the Ligurian Republic during the French occupation.

From 1805 to 1815 Ortovero was part of the First French Empire and was later absorbed into the kingdom of Sardinia. From 1861 onwards, Ortovero belonged to the Italian kingdom. Between 1973 and 2011 Ortovero was part of the mountain municipalities of Ingauna and Ponente Savona.

How to reach

How to reach

Ortovero is one of the villages in the province of Savona, which lies in the Liguria region. There are several other villages near Ortovero, for example: Pogli (2.6 km), Campi (5 km) and Arnasco (8.7 km). When coming from Genoa, take the highway exit to Albenga and then turn right onto the SS453. Drive past Coasco and you will arrive in Ortovero.

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