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Casarza Ligure in Italy | Province of Genoa, Liguria

Enjoy a lot of events such as concerts or exhibitions during summer time in the town of Casarza Ligure in Liguria, Italy.

Casarza Ligure

An old church in Casarza Ligure A beautiful view of the houses in Casarza Ligure

Casarza Ligure


This is a beautiful Roman village

Many festivals await your visit in summer

Travel tips

Travel tips

The slightly drawn out small town of Casarza Ligure is found near Sestri Levante in the province of Genoa. The Piazza della Vittoria and the Piazza Aldo Moro with its water fountain are located in the beautiful low traffic city centre. In the summer months many concerts and other functions take place there, or you can simply sit in one of the pleasant street cafes.

A worthwhile destination is the San Michele Arcangelo parish church dating back to the 17th century.

Also one of the oldest Ligurian churches, the Church of St. Helena, built in 1000 by the Benedictine monks is absolutely worth visiting.

The very old Parish Church of St.John the Baptist, which dates back to 1100, is also very interesting.

Many archaeological findings were discovered in the region around the village.

Those who love museums will also have a field day in Carsarza Ligure. The „Raffaelli“ Museum which specialises in climate and science is by all means worth visiting. Likewise, the Museum of mineralogy, the „Parma Gemma“ is very interesting.

There are also many festivals and feasts that take place in this place. For example, there is the wine festival in June or the “Open Music Summer” festival in July. Also the festival of the “fried octopuses” takes place on the last weekend in August.

In Centro Espositivo San Giovanni you can admire different exhibitions at 3 levels. Those who love sports will find tennis courts and football grounds within the locality; the atmosphere is pleasant and there is a restaurant and a children’s’ playground. You can therefore have a wonderful vacation in Casarza Ligure, in your own holiday apartment or holiday house.  You can come with the whole family, with friends, as a couple or simply alone – it all depends on your taste. The surrounding hinterland with the unique Ligurian vegetation is very ideal for nice hiking excursions.



Casarza Ligure was founded as a Roman village and its land was possessed by the monks of San Colombano in 774. From 1143 onwards Carsarza Ligure was under the responsibility of the curia di Sestri Levante.

In 1399 the locality was incorporated into the Republic of Genoa. With the coming of the French rule Carsarza Ligure became part of the Ligurian Republic and was integrated into the First French Empire1805 in1805.

From 1861 onwards the village was part of the Italian kingdom, and from 1973 to 2008 Carsarza Ligure was part of mountain community Val Petronio.

How to reach

How to reach

Casarza Ligure is a village in the Genoa province which les in the Liguria region. In the vicinity of Casarza Ligure are several other villages like: Bargone (6.2 km), Riva Trigoso (3.6 km) and Masso (5.6 km). When coming from Genoa take the highway exit to Sestri Levante and follow the SS1 then change over to the SP523 until you reach Casarza Ligure.

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