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Chiavari in Italy | Province of Genoa, Liguria

Spend your holiday in the coastal town of Chiavari in Liguria, Italy, and visit the wonderful old center with its medieval atmosphere.


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This is a big town with a medieval historic centre

The impressive churches from medieval times and the ruins of castles of Chiavari are fascinating

Travel tips

Travel tips

The town developed along the Via Aurelia, on which some of our holiday apartments are also found. You can find some arcades and buildings in the historic centre of town which date back to the 13th century. The castle and the city wall are from medieval times. In addition many traditional churches contribute to the beauty of the place. Some of the churches you can admire there include the churches of the Madonna dell ‘Orto, San Giovanni and San Francesco. The latter is a baroque church which is used today for art exhibitions. There is a wonderful Glockenspiel in Via Aurelia in Chiavari. The Santuario di Nostra Signoa delle Grazie is easy to access and very impressive.

Another tip is the the “Centro Storico” in the Via Martiri della Liberazione. This most beautiful old city centre is very attractive. Besides one can do some good shopping there - for Ligurian specialities and much more. Shopping is also possible in bad weather, as one can stay under the arcades and rummage through the antiquity shops.

Chiavari had its blooming period of economic prosperity in the 18th and 19th centuries. At that time it was mainly materials, ships and campanioni which were being exported. Every morning a market for foodstuffs takes place, where a good variety of specialities and products from the region is offered for sale. Since Chiavari is not far from the river mouth, the soil is very fertile and suitable for agricultural use.

Chiavari is therefore not only a tourist centre but also the place of regional markets.

The oldest existing shop in the entire Riviera is found in the pedestrian street: the Pasticceria Copello. We also recommend that you visit the Caffè Defilla, one of the biggest and richest coffee houses in terms of tradition. There you will be able to enjoy a large variety of wines, delicious pastries and desserts, amidst very beautiful paintings and large mirrors. The restaurants in Chiavari are also worth mentioning. For example “Da Felice” on the Corso Valparaiso is a very good restaurant, which even got the Certificate of Excellence in 2014. Be it Pasta with Pesto or fish, each menu is a real culinary delight. We also have a good tip for pizza lovers. On the same Valparaiso you will find Pizzeria M´aMa. It offers many types of pizza always with fresh foodstuffs. You should definitely visit them!



Chiavari lies to the east of Portofino on the Riviera di Levante. The beautiful old town is attractive for walks and strolls. Whoever does not spare some time for that, will definitely miss something.

Long-established guest houses and multi-coloured markets fascinate the guests and make them feel true Ligurian life. You will still find some traditional handicraft here too, like the Campanioni chairs.

These are particularly light and elegant chairs, whose seat surfaces are still handwoven. In addition, a food stuff market takes place on the Piazza Mazzini every morning, which offers a variety of specialities and products from the region. Therefore, Chiavari also ranks among the most fascinating and genuine original towns in Liguria.

How to reach

How to reach

Chiavari is a village in the province of Genoa which lies in the Liguria region. There are several other villages near Chiavari, and they include: Sanguineto (4.7 km) Curlo (4.4 km) and San Salvatore (6.4 km). When coming from Genoa, take the highway exit to Chiavari.

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