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Our Conditions of agreement

Terms and Conditions BlumenRiviera GmbH

Terms and Conditions BlumenRiviera GmbH

A / 1 – 5 : Conditions of use
  1. 1 Duty of care
  2. 2 Damages and failures
  3. 3 Facilities and duty of supervision
  4. 4 Pets
  5. 5 Cleaning
B / 6 – 11 : Withdrawal and payment terms
  1. 6 Payment of the holiday price
  2. 7 Incidental expenses
  3. 8 Withdrawal by the lessor
  4. 9 Disimbursement of the holiday price
    • 10 a Notification of defects
    • 10 b Formal notice before termination
  5. 11 Withdrawal periods
C / 12 -18: Contracting party, basis of contract and jurisdiction
  1. 12 Agency contract
  2. 13 Contracting party and conclusion of the contract
  3. 14 Confirmation of the contract
  4. 15 Changes
  5. 16 Contractual languages
  6. 17 Jurisdiction
  7. 18 Claims

A ) Conditions of use :

1.Duty of care

he tenant has the right to use the property including the furniture and fittings. It is the costumers' obligation to treat the property and its fittings with the greatest possible care. It is their obligation during their time as tenant to immediately notify any damage that is caused to the property by them or their guests and if necessary to replace it.

2.Damages and failures

In the case of unforeseeable damage (e.g. a burst pipe) the costumer is obliged to collaborate within the framework of the agreement, to keep the damage to a minimum, or to avoid it, and to immediately inform the owner.

3. Facilities and duty of supervision

We expressly point out that the different facilities e.g. swimming pool, kitchen, playground, etc are to be used at your own risk. Children must be supervised and warned of the dangers around the house from their parents or whoever is responsible for them.

TV in the property description always refers to a color TV. If reception via satellite or cable is possible, it is shown in the text with satellite TV and cable TV. The agency does not guarantee that also German channels can be received.If an Internet connection is specified in the description of the location, the agency gives no warranty as to the availability, compatibility, and security. Similarly, the consumption may be limited. Internet / Wi-Fi is only for holiday purposes, not for business use.

4. Pets

Pets can only be brought after consultation with us and after written requests have been made and express written permission given.

5. Cleaning

On the day of departure the property is to be given a basic cleaning by the guest before checking out. This includes the kitchen, washing and putting away all dishes, emptying the fridge and cupboards of all bought items as well as taking care of all trash, stripping the linen and sweeping all rooms so that the property is presentable for check out until 10:00 o'clock.

B ) Withdrawal and payment terms

6. Payments

Only after the total amount has been fully paid will it be permissable to move personal possessions into the house, together with the stipulated number of people as agreed in the rental contract

7.Incidental expenses

Additional costs such as water, gas and electricity are by normal use included in the price. Exceptions to this rule please see extra costs in the contract. Possible extra heating costs will always be seperately billed.

8. Withdrawal by the lessor

The landlord can withdraw from the tenancy agreement: a) without notice, if the tenant`s behaviour puts others in danger or otherwise behaves in a way that contravenes the rules of the agreement. b) without notice, when unforeseeable circumstances make the tenant`s journey difficult, dangerous or impossible.

9. Disimbursement of the holiday price

By withdrawal in the above-mentioned case: 8a) the cost of the holiday is forfeited. 8b) before the beginning of the journey there will be a full and immediate return of all monies paid, further demands for restitution are expressly ruled out. 8b) after the beginning of the journey a part of the holiday cost will be returned.

10 a. Notification of defects

Notice of deficiencies If the tour is not executed as stipulated in the contract, then the customer can seek redress. However, the customer is obliged to report any travel shortcomings to the travel agency immediately. Should he culpably fail to do this, then there will be no reduction in the tour price. This stipulation will only be inapplicable if the notice is clearly baseless or is unacceptable for some other reasons. The customer is obliged to inform the travel agency about his notice of deficiencies immediately at the vacation location or at their headquarters. The customer will be informed about the accessibility of the tour management or the tour operator in the service description, or in the travel documents at the very latest. The tour management is obliged to provide redress, in so far as this is possible. They are not authorized, however, to honor the customer’s claims.

10 b. Formal notice before termination

Setting of deadlines before cancellation If a customer wants to terminate the travel contract in accordance with Section § 615e of the Federal Constitution (BGB), due to a travel deficiency of the type described in Section § 615c of the same constitution, or for unacceptability due to an important reason recognizable by the travel agency, he must first give the travel agency a sufficient deadline for purposes of providing a remedy. This provision does not apply only in cases where remedy is impossible or is refused by the travel agency, or if the immediate termination of the contract is justified by a special interest of the customer, which is acknowledged by the travel agency.

11. Withdrawal periods

The agreement is binding and the rental price must be paid in full even if the tenant fails to arrive. For cancellations exceeding 40 days before the date of arrival, 30% of the rental price will be forfeited.

40 days before commencement of the rental period: 40% of the rental price

30 days before commencement of the rental period: 60% of the rental price

15 days before commencement of the rental period: 70% of the rental price

from 14 to 5 days before : 85% of the rental price In the case of a later withdrawal the rental price must be forfeited in full.

C ) Contracting party, basis of contract and jurisdiction

12. Agency contract

The property is negotiated and arranged by BlumenRiviera GmbH.

13.Contracting party and conclusion of the contract

The contract agreement will be saved even after making your reservation, and you can find this and all other correspondence with us in your Customer Area.

Agency :

BlumenRiviera GmbH

Ossannastr. 7

D-80999 München

Tel. +49 170 48 58 68 6

Management : Raul Cocca

Headquarters München

HRB 214556, District Court München

USt-IdNr.: DE296899182

14.Confirmation of the contract

With confirmation the tenant will get the address of the property. Once he has booked his holiday home with us and confirmed the T&Cs of the contract via the customer menu, he can print off all necessary information on the house from the section “Important information about your arrival” in the customer menu. This information will also be sent 2 weeks before arrival by email.

15. Changes

Changes or amendments to this agreement have no validity unless expressly confirmed by us in writing.

16. Contractual languages :

Written communication and the contract in English, German or French.


The place of jurisdiction for both parties is Munich/Germany.

18. Claims

For claims of BlumenRiviera GmbH against you, the law of your country of residence applies. For claims against contracting parties that are merchants, legal entities under public or private law, or persons, whose residence or usual abode is abroad, or whose residence or usual abode is unknown at the time when the claim is filed, the place of jurisdiction will be the offices of BlumenRiviera GmbH.

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