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What to do

Liguria is rich not only in breathtaking views, but also in things to do

Either you want to have a relaxing holiday at the sandy beach in Alassio, next to clear blue sea, either you are interested in sightseeing, walking around medieval villages like Cervo, visiting churches, castles like Castello dei Doria in Dolceaqua, either you prefer to have an active holiday and hike around the hills of Ventimiglia or get new experiences while surfing in Pietra Ligure - Liguria has to offer something special for every person taste.

Culinary delights

Italians have deep traditions of cooking, growing rich flavour food products, that’s why Italian cuisine is known by people all around the world

Enjoy aromatic wines from Cinque Terre, one of the most enchanting UNESCO World Heritage sites, or take a trip to ligurian wine growers to learn everything about winemaking. Take a walk in fruitful vineyards, olive mills and groves, ancient food shops to learn about the most important ingredients used in Italian cuisine. You will be captured by a smell of Italian coffee shops with freshly grounded coffee, bakeries, fruit and vegetable markets, homemade pasta, extra virgin oil shops, cheese, meat and other local products stalls. Keep in mind that it would be a sin not to taste Pesto alla Genovese, Farinata, Focaccia, Ravioli and the mouth melting Italian gelato while being in Liguria! Last but not the least, have a chat with ligurian shopkeepers who are very friendly - they will explain the origin of their products with love and then surprise you with the best traditional ligurian recipe tips.

Discover Liguria

Liguria is the land of contrasts, that's why the region is so loved by tourists

The Italian Riviera (or Liguria) borders with Côte d'Azur (French Riviera) and Tuscany - both of these regions positively affected ligurian landscape and culture. The ligurian coast is divided into two parts: eastern Riviera di Levante - full of cliffs over the sea, beautiful landscapes like Cinque Terre, Portofino and western Riviera di Ponente - with all the bays and sandy beaches. The hinterlands of Liguria are full of medieval villages, where agritourism farms offer organic and local products, while along the coastline you find glamorous sea resorts. Learn all about mesmerizing ligurian nature sites, culture and traditions, rich history, famous ligurians like Alfred Nobel, must to see museums like Museo dell'Olivo and much more!

Discover Liguria

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