Lasagne al pesto - Primi Piatti


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Primi Piatti
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This special Ligurian lasagne is prepared with “Pesto Genovese” instead of mince. It is also called “Lasagne alla Portofino”.

Main ingredients:
Ingredients for 6 people:
Sheets of lasagne (for 4 layers in an ovenproof dish)
100g pesto Genovese (freshly prepared)
120g fresh grated parmesan cheese
olive oil
roasted pine nuts
½ litre milk
100g butter
50g flour
Prepare the béchamel sauce first: Melt butter in a pot, remove from the heat and add the flour, stir well, until a smooth consistency is achieved. The boil for one or two minutes. Now slowly add the milk, stirring continuously. Continue to boil until a thick consistency is achieved. Add salt and nutmeg to taste. Preparation lasagne: Boil the lasagne sheets in salt water, remove some water before draining and use it to thin the pesto. Grease the ovenproof dish with some butter. Now layer the lasagne sheets, pesto, béchamel sauce into the dish, sprinkling some parmesan cheese on each layer. Sprinkle the final layer with plenty of parmesan cheese and pine nuts. Baking time: 35 – 40 minutes at 180°C

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