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Easy and fast booking process  Booking Process

Choose a property in Ligurien

Select the property & fill out the booking form

Choose your favorite accommodation

Select your desired vacation accommodation from our list of vacation domiciles.

On the details page of the property you will see the green button labled "Book Now" after entering a valid time period. Fill out all fields and send the form.

Your booking enquiry will now reach us.


In case of any questions regarding the furnishing of the house or its surroundings, you are free to contact us by phone, by mail or by fax. Our team knows the properties personally and can advise you in the best way possible. 

Booking Step 2

Confirmation of contract & payment

24 hours’ time

Sending in the booking form does not mean the booking is over and done with. You will receive the contract by e-mail within the next few hours, together with the terms and conditions (AGB's) , which you will have to read through carefully and then confirm within 24 hours as indicated in the contract. Only after confirmation of the terms and conditions in the customer area is the contract concluded and the booking becomes binding.


A deposit of 20% of the rent is due within 2 weeks after confirmation of the contract and payment of the balance must be done up to 30 days before embarking on the journey to the place of vacation.

For reservations done at short notice, the total amount is due for payment immediately after contract confirmation and must be deposited into our account and confirmed by us in writing before you embark on the journey.

Payment can be made by credit card, express bank transfer and normal bank transfer.

You will find all information about payment both in the contract and in your personal customer menu.

Enjoy your holidays in Liguria

Booked! Your vacation begins soon.

All important information at a glance

After booking you will get access to your personal customer menu! There you will find all important information concerning the journey, payment modalities and a comprehensive and printable information package which has been arranged for you personally. You will also once again have access to all correspondence with us through this menu function.

If you need bed-linen, towels or some other extra things, you can make the order through the customer menu up to 7 days before your journey.

You will receive a voucher from us with more tips for the journey 2 weeks before you set off.


Booking by fax or telephone

Whoever does not like entering his personal information on the Internet is free to contact us also by telephone or fax. Your booking is done entirely according to your wishes.  

FAQ about Liguria Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you have a catalogue?
2. How can I search for particular accommodation?
3. Is there a minimum booking duration?
4. How can I find out whether the desired property is still available?
5. How do I calculate the price?
6. How can I inquire about particular accommodation?
7. Are pets ok?
8. Can I have a holiday property reserved for me?
9. How do I book?
10. How can I pay?
11. Do I put down a payment in advance?
12. Are there any extra costs?
13. How is my holiday property furnished?
14. How do I get information about the area?
15. Which opportunities for sports are there on location?
16. Is there information about public transport at the place of vacation?
17. Is there a contact person?
18. Which are the conditions of agreement?
19. What must one take into account when entering Italy?
20. What happens if I cannot travel anymore?
21. What is Bestprice?

1. Is there a catalogue?

- You can view all our vacation properties if you search using the search mask without any filters and then click on all results.

You can find our holiday houses and holiday apartments on our homepage under “Our Properties” sorted by topics. 

2. How can I search for particular accommodation?

– On the start page, on the top right there is a field "Property no or Name" where you can type in the name of the object then click "go". 

3. Is there a minimum booking duration?

- Yes, the minimum required duration is 7 days. Only hotels can be booked on a daily basis. 

4. How can I find out whether the desired property is still available?

- There are two possibilities of checking the availability of the domiciles:


1.  You enter your desired travel information in the search-window on the homepage and click on "Start searching". After that you will be shown all available domiciles.


2. On the details page (e.g.: Villa dell Avvocato) of the property, you will find the occupancy calendar above the reviews. The green small boxes indicate that the house is free; the red ones show that it is occupied. The small boxes which are half green and half red represent arrival and departure information. This calendar is always up-to-date! 


5. How do I calculate the price?

- You will be shown the exact price plus all additional costs on the right-hand side in the query window under “Detailed price”, after you have entered your departure date. Heating costs are in principle deducted separately.


6. How can I inquire about particular accommodation?

– If you are on the details page (e.g. Villa dell Avvocato) of the vacation domicile, there is a blue button labeled "Make an enquiry now” in the price window. Press that button and fill out the fields that will be displayed. Please enter the travel period first. You can ask your question(s) in the field labeled "Your message". We shall answer these questions as soon as possible. You can of course direct your questions to us by phone too (+49 (0) 170 48 58 68 6). 

7. Are pets ok?

– Generally, if in the house description it states “Pets on request“ t hen it is ok. We do however require some information about your pet(s) before hand, such as how many, what kind of pets etc., as we do need to get final approval from the owners of the property. 

8. Can I have a holiday property reserved for me??

– Usually we do not reserve any objects but you normally have 24 hours time to confirm the contract after we have sent it to you. If you decide not to take up the booking, we request you to send us a written notification. In exceptional circumstances you can make an enquiry with us by phone about a pre-reservation.

9. How do I book?

– You go to the details page (e.g. Villa dell Avvocato) of the desired property and press the green button on the upper right-hand side of the price window: "Book now" and then fill out all fields. You will immediately receive a generated email reply from us if we have received your booking request. We shall then send you the contract, which you generally must confirm within 24 hours. You will find all other steps in your contract.


You can find detailed information about our booking process here.


10. How can I pay?

– We accept credit cards as well as bank transfers. We also accept direct debiting, but only within Germany and up to 45 days before arrival at the house. 

11. Do I need to put down a deposit?


Yes, you are required to do so. 30 % of the rental price have to be paid within two weeks after the contract approval. 

12. Are there any extra costs?

– Some houses will be billed for electric and gas usage. This will be stated in the contract if this is the case. Heating costs are always separate. 

13. How is my holiday property furnished?

– Information about all holiday homes can be found under the menu tab Useful information about our properties as well as on all detail pages of the desired property (e.g.: Villa dell Avvocato). 

14. How do I get information about the area?

– You will find information about the holiday domiciles in general under the sub-heading “What you need to know about holiday domiciles” or in the Details window (e.g. Villa dell Avvocato) of your desired property. 

15. Which opportunities for sports are there on location?

– Opportunities for sports are indicated right at the bottom of the details page of the property (e.g. Villa dell Avvocato), or you can go to the tourist guide on our homepage, then under the category "Leisure" you will find offers for sports and you will be able to view the opportunities for sports. 

16. Is there information about public transport at the place of vacation?

– Under the category “Discover Liguria” in our Travel Guide, you will find travel information showing the time table for public transport in Liguria. 

17. Is there a contact person?

– Your contact person is available for you daily and can be reached on phone for any advice and assistance.

In cases of absolute emergency like fire, burglary and illness, you will find the emergency call numbers in your customer menu in a printable PDF file called: "General information".


If it is before 10:00 a.m. and after 7:00 p.m. or Sundays, you can send us an SMS and we shall get in touch as soon as possible. The phone number(s) will be sent along with the contract. 

18. Which are the conditions of agreement?

- You can read our Terms of contract here. They will also be listed in the contract. 

19. What must one take into account when entering Italy?

- You should possess a valid identity card or passport before you leave home. From the 26th June 2012 children also need their own passport. If you are coming from a non-EU country, please apply for a valid visa in advance. We will send you the necessary documents for an application. There is no need for country-specific vaccination for entry. For domestic animals brought along, one must carry a valid vaccination card.

20. What happens if I cannot travel anymore?

- We recommend that you contact travel cancellation insurance. You will find some offers under Service - Travel insurance on our website. The agreement is binding and the rental price must be paid in full even if the tenant fails to arrive. Cancellations that are made in excess of 40 days before the date of arrival 30% of the rental price. 
Withdrawal: 40 days before commencement of the rental period: 40% of the rental price. 30 days before commencement of the rental period: 60% of the rental price. 15 days before commencement of the rental period: 70% of the rental price. from 14 to 5 days before: 85% of the rental price. In the case of a later withdrawal the rental price must be forfeited in full. If you cannot travel, please let us know it as soon as possible. 

21. What is Bestprice?

- Best price guarantee means that we will always give you the lowest price. Should you find the same location rentals not later than one day before your arrival in another agency at a lower price, we will reduce the price from this agency by 10%. Our wish and our policy is to always offer you the lower rates.
You just have to send us the evidence by e-mail or fax, with your personal information, link to the agency (business rival) so that we can verify the information. 

22. Will I get travel documents, and if yes, when?

- Once you have booked your holiday home with us and confirmed the T&Cs of the contract via the customer menu, you can print off all necessary information on your house from the section “Important information about your arrival” in the customer menu. You will also find secret tips on the area. We recommend keeping the coupon stating the address and your journey details for your outward journey, which will be sent to you via e-mail, once your payment has been received. You only require a valid ID card or Passport for the handing over of the residence. You will receive a voucher from us by e-mail 14 days before you start your journey.

23. In which languages can I communicate with you?

- We offer both written communication and the contract in English, German and French.

Useful information about your holiday in Liguria Useful Information about our properties


Welcome, dear guest. In order for you to feel at home in your holiday rental and to ensure you are ready for a great holiday, we have put together an information page about the properties and general information about your Italy stay. 



Please bring your own linen and towels. If you would like to, you can rent linen and towels from us in our customer area on our website. Access information to our customer area is detailed in our contract. Linen for one week costs 10 €/week and towels are 5 €/week per person. If you are staying for two or more weeks the price will be halved for each successive week. This service however is not offered for all of our properties. In order to find out if this service is available, please check the information under the calculate price link on our website for individual houses.

In Italy they mainly use woolen blankets. The Italian pillows are smaller as well then, for example, in Germany. The dimensions are approximately 40x80cm.


It is also common in Italy that the covers for the bed (mattress and pillows) are made of terry toweling or a similar fabric. These covers are not sheets, but they are only there to protect the cushions and the mattress. Please use your own linen as well.



All of our properties are equipped with general kitchen utensils. There are ample plates, glasses, pots and pans to provide for the number of people indicated by the maximum occupancy of the specific property. Generally, wine glasses and other less common utensils such as cheese graters, garlic presses etc are not categorized as general kitchen utensils and thus must be brought with if you intend to use them. 


Most houses have an espresso machine as is typical in this region. If there is a coffee machine it will be noted in the accessories part of our house description. 


Kitchen towels are not provided, unless you have ordered towels through us. Otherwise it is your responsibility to bring one. 


If the property has a automatic dishwasher, it will be noted in the accessories part of the house description.


Toilet paper, detergent, spices:

Please remember that you have booked a rented accommodation with a private bathroom and kitchen, and therefore these items might not be included with the accommodation.


Washing machine:

A washing machine is not categorized as general equipment. If there is one on site, it will specifically be noted.



The word TV in the property description always refers to a color television set. If satellite or cable reception is possible, this is indicated in the description with Sat-TV or Cable-TV. The Holiday House Agency does not assume any guarantee that German programs can also be received through those networks.



If it is indicated in the description of the domicile that there is an Internet connection, the Holiday House Agency does not assume any guarantee for its constant availability, compatibility and safety. Usage can as well be restricted. Internet/W LAN is usually meant for vacation purposes, and is generally not intended for business use or the like.



If there is a grill, it will specifically be mentioned in the appropriate part of the house description (barbecue). If the description states that there is a grilling possibility, this means that grilling is allowed but does not necessarily mean there is a grill present.  Charcoal grills are customary in Italy, but this does vary. 


Garden furniture:

The outdoor furnishings for the terrace/balcony/garden generally includes chairs and a table. If there are sun beds or other furniture beyond what was mentioned above, it will specifically be stated in the appropriate part of the house description. Cushions for the sun beds are not provided for reasons of hygiene.



Pools are, unless otherwise indicated, operational from the beginning of June to the end of September. Special opening times as well as other unique features about the pool (e.g. type of pool, communally used pool) are always indicated on the details page of the respective property.



If there is a parking area associated with the house, this will be noted in the description of the house. Should you have a larger than normal vehicle (van, bus etc), please talk to us before your arrival so we can make plans to accommodate the vehicle.


In some domiciles you can reserve parking space or garage space for parking. To do that, look carefully at the information on the details page of each respective property (under Special Features or Pricing).


If no parking space is indicated, you are free to make inquiries with us regarding public parking lots near the holiday domicile.


In Italy there are three different colors for the parking:

Blue: parking for a fee - usually you will find the parking metera few meters away

White: free (please note the signs. In some places free parking is temporary, use your parking disc to avoid a fine)

Yellow: short-term parking for loading and unloading (about 15 min)


Fenced lots:

Should you need a property which is fenced in, please talk to us beforehand. If the description of the property bears the statement "fenced", we do not guarantee that this is an unbroken or high fence.


Specific features of a property and location:

Should the house have any specific feature such as a pull out staircase or a very steep driveway it will be noted either in the house description, in the special features section, or will be visible in one of the photographs of the house.


The location of the property can be seen on the map of the details page of the house. We shall communicate the exact address to you after booking or upon request in advance.


Many holiday houses are located on slopes in Liguria. The access roads can partly be narrow, steep and loose. We shall gladly provide you with detailed information concerning the journey before you place your booking. The railway line and highway always run parallel to the coast in Liguria. Please be aware that it can be quite noisy here, especially near the coast.



Generally pets are allowed if „Pets upon request“ is in the description. This does not mean that all pets are allowed and we do require information (what, how many) about the animal(s), as we will still need final approval from the landlord of the house.


Extra Costs:

Energy costs are generally more expensive here than in the rest of Europe. If there are any extra gas or electricity costs it will be noted in the contract, as this can vary from house to house as well as from season to season. Heating costs are in principle paid separately and have to be paid in cash at the premises during the time of departure.


Electrical outlets/adapters:

For grounded plugs (3 pin) you will need an adapter in Italy. These are generally available in some supermarkets here in Italy, but it is advisable to purchase a suitable adapter for your electric appliances before you arrive.



Please use no more than up to two different electrical devices simultaneously, such as a dishwasher; washing machine, oven or hairdryer, because this might trigger the fuses in the fuse box. In Italy, a fuse box can take much less then, for example, in Germany. In case the fuses do jump you will find a PDF document in your "client page, under "important information ", which includes instructions for thegas, water and electricity meters. We recommend that you print this document!



Garbage is generally sorted beforehand and is divided in 3 categories. Green containers are for general garbage, blue containers are for paper and cardboard and  the beige containers are for plastics. These containers are normally found periodically spaced on the side of the street.


Protection against mosquitoes – an important tip for your holiday:

During the summer months, especially from July to September, there are many mosquitoes around the Mediterranean area (Zanzaren and Papatacci mosquitoes). We recommend that you use an anti-mosquito adapter to keep the mosquitoes out of your accommodation. This works better than for example citronella candles.


For those evenings in the garden, on your balcony or terrace, you can use the "Spirali". These are incense coils (available in different fragrances), which you can light and put where you are sitting.


Before traveling we recommend you to bring Autan Family of VAPE Derm Herbal (only available in Italy), which you can spray on your skin. These products are only available in larger supermarkets in

Italy. If you are stung you should try not to scratch so that the bump cannot get infected. If you do

happen to have an infected bite then the local pharmacist can provide you with a cortisone crème.

This is of course only on our recommendations and we cannot guarantee they will actually provide

you with it. If you are allergic, we strongly advise you to contact your doctor or pharmacist. 


Opening hours of shops:

All major supermarkets in Liguria are open from Monday to Saturday, 8.30 - 20.30 and on Sunday from approximately 9.00 - 13.00 and 16.00 - 20.00.

The smaller supermarkets, in the villages, are open on weekdays from approximately 8.00 - 12.30 and 16.00 - 19.00 and on Sunday (in summer) from 8.30 - 12.30.

The traditional weekly markets are always in the morning from 9.00 - 13.00 (you can find the actual

dates and times in the small travel guide in the 'customer area').



We recommend you to not leave fruit, sugar or drinks outside or for example open in the kitchen as these attract ants very quickly. Even crumbs or sweet shower creams are a sweet bait for ants. If you still have an ant problem then  you can buy purple ant traps (formiche) in the supermarkets.


Water shortage during high season:

During the summer months of July/August it may happen that due to heat and drought, and the increased amount of people in Liguria, the water might be shut off. This usually happens overnight. At night the water basins will be re-filled so  that there are no problems during the day. We recommend that you always keep a bottle of water in the house in case the water is shut off during the day.



Please note that food waste, napkins, diapers or tampons should never be thrown in the toilets of the accommodation. This is strictly forbidden because it might clog the toilet(s). If this does happen we will be forced to charge you with the costs of the repair man.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or take a look at our frequently asked questions, maybe you will find the answer to your question there.


Happy holidays! 

Your BlumenRiviera Team

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