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Moneglia in Italy | Province of Genoa, Liguria

Enjoy cultural and active vacation as well as beach and relaxing holiday in the city of Moneglia in Liguria, Italy.


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This is a Roman resort town/ ideal for bathing and sightseeing

The two castles which are imposing above the town offer a fascinating view of the town and the sea

Travel tips

Travel tips

Moneglia combines the charm of the mountains and the sea, and that is something typical of Liguria. In that way, visitors of all types get a perfectly balanced holiday comprised of cultural events, the beach and an action-packed program.

On one hand the small coastal resort is an ideal starting point for tours into the surrounding region. Many mountain bike trails into the mountainous countryside around start from here, and so do hiking trails, along which you can explore the natural environment on foot. One of those hiking paths was already marked on ancient Roman cards as Monilia (jewel).

In addition one can also embark on an excursion to Portofino and Cinque Terre by ship. If you wish, you can also reach the popular Cinque Terre by train. The 20 minute journey along the coast is a unique experience. Using the railway line which runs through Moneglia you can quickly and easily reach towns like Milan, Genoa or La Spezia, as well as smaller villages of the Ligurian Riviera.

The centre of Moneglia lies in a depression, which is surrounded by two castles. In the east one can see the town from the ruins of the Villafranca-Kastell. In the west a historic Palazzo dating back to the 19th century marks the end of the town; it was built in the place where previously the Monteleone fortress used to be. One can admire the striped Santa Croce Church (built in 1726) in the interior of the city, as well as the extraordinarily remarkable picture of “Holy George” in the San Giorgio Church.

Beaches in Moneglia:

On the other hand you can also simply enjoy the sun and the view into the distance while relaxing on the beach. The beaches in Moneglia were once again awarded the “Bandiera Blu” in 2014, because its water quality, cleanliness, environmental management, security and services are excellent. There are all types of toys for the young ones in the well-maintained private beaches, and several of them also offer kicker (table football), volleyball courts  and child care services. Moneglia offers a long sandy beach, stone beaches as well as many small bays, which can only be accessed via the sea. Otherwise the locality also offers some bars, where you can start your evening in a delightful manner over an Aperitivo, and let your appetite for Italian cuisine grow.



Moneglia was built during the Roman era and quickly became an important place because of its important location at the “Via Aurelia”. During the conquest of Liguria through King Rotari, Moneglia joined the monkshood of Bobbi, and that led to the development of many farms and monks’ cells.

Moneglia suffered severely, like other coastal towns, under the invasion of the Saracens, who plundered and destroyed the town.  Moneglia became part of Genoa Republic in 1153 and took part in 1284 in the famous battle of Meloria and Porto Pisano against Pisa.

In 1397 the village and the fortress were attacked by the alliance of the Bertolotti family and the village had to surrender. In 1425 Moneglia was attacked by Dogen Tomaso Fregoso. In that process the bell tower was destroyed.

Under French rule Moneglia became part of the Liguria Republic and was integrated into the first French Empire in1805. From 1815 onwards, Moneglia was absorbed into the Sardinian kingdom, and in 1861 the locality became part of the Italian kingdom.

In the First World War several ships sank off the coast of Moneglia. During the Second World War there were air strikes on Moneglia, in which the railway bridge was destroyed. From 1973 up to 2008 Moneglia belonged to the Val Petronio mountain community.

How to reach

How to reach

Moneglia is a village in the Genova province which lies in the Liguria region. There are several other villages near Moneglia, and they include: Crova (5.3 km), Facciu (1.8 km) and Littorno (4.9 km). When coming from Genoa take the highway exit to Sestri Levante and drive in the direction of SS370. Follow the latter up to Moneglia.

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