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Sori in Italy | Province of Genoa, Liguria

Enjoy wonderful holiday in the town of Sori in Liguria, Italy which is known for having beautiful beaches, sea with a clean water, cliffs and a wonderful old center.

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Sori is a beautiful fishing village with a great sandy beach

The beach and the sea beckon you for a bath. Hiking and biking trails lure one for adventure in the hinterland

Travel tips

Travel tips

Sori is a small picturesque coastal town in the Levant, only a quarter of an hour away from Genoa and the legendary Portofino. Sori symbolizes the sea, beautiful beaches, extraordinary views, cliffs, a beautiful old town center, lively people and many footpaths in the hinterland.

The Santa Margherita church originates from the 12th century and was restored in 1714. It is richly ornamented inside with marble and moldings. The clock-tower was built in 1740.

The San Erasmo church which is dedicated to the patron saint of seafarers was built in 1495 and today serves mainly as a venue for concerts, thanks to its good acoustics.The Mulino delle Fulle (mill) from the 14th century, but still working up to today, lies between Canepa and Sussista. You can book tours on the spot.

The Madonna Del Pontin, which is the Madonna statue attached to the bridge at the sea, is accompanied by a legend. It is said that this statue was thrown into the sea 2 times and found its way back to Sori as if through some magic hand. The first time was in1584 after Turkish pirates had stolen it from one of the churches and shortly afterwards failed to leave Sori. They then threw the statue into the sea. The natives found the statue on the beach in 1637 and erected it on the bridge. During a fierce bombardment by the allied forces in 1944 the statue was hit and fell into the sea. Several years later, in 1955, fishermen found the Madonna-statue intact on the beach once more and erected it on the bridge again, where one can still admire it today.



Sori was founded by Greeks in the 7th Century BC. The small town with a port was probably inhabited by Romans. In the 12th Century the village came under the care of the bishops of Milan and became part of the Republic of Genoa.

Because of the port the place quickly turned into an important trade centre and the navy, but was also often attacked by the Saracens in the 16th Century. The village was completely looted and destroyed in1548, 134 people were kidnapped and sold as slaves.

Sori was occupied by Austrian troops in 1754 and became the scene of bloody fighting between the Austrians and the Napoleonic army in 1800. With the fall of the Republic of Genoa and the French occupation Sori became part of the Ligurian Republic in 1797 and was incorporated into the First French Empire in 1805.

Sori was part of the Kingdom of Sardinia from 1815 to 1861 and was annexed to the Italian Kingdom in 1861. It was connected to the railway lines in 1870, and many public and administrative buildings were built at the beginning of the 20th Century. Sori was part of the mountain community Fontanabuona from 1973 to 2008.

How to reach

How to reach

Sori is a village in the Genova Province located in the Liguria region. Near Sori are several other villages like: Pieve Ligure (1.7 km) San Bartolomeo (3.2 km) and Faveto (6.3 km). Take the highway exit to Genoa Nervi when coming from Genoa and follow the SS1 along the sea to Sori.

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