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Borzonasca in Italy | Province of Genoa, Liguria

Located in the Aveto Natural Regional Park, you will surely like walking through the city of Borzonasca in Liguria, Italy.


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Borzonasca in the Sturla valley

The name of this place is taken from an abbey; mountain enthusiasts like to wander through the nature trails in this area and connoisseurs buy chestnut flour

Travel tips

Travel tips

Il santuario e chiesa parrocchiale di San Bartolomeo e del Crocifisso miracoloso

The feast of the San Bartolomeo is celebrated on August 24th, and between 16th and 18th August, the feast of San Rocco. The feast of San Martino di Tours also takes place there in November.

There is a cookie specialty in the region of Borzonasca similar to Canestrelle made from flaky pastry, the so-called "wheel" (Roetta in the local dialect) because of its form which is notched like a tiny wheel. The baking method and packaging have remained the same since 1870.

Of special importance is the production of chestnut flour in the village of Montemoggio; there are several producers of this flour in that village and they have bio-certification. This product is mainly used for the making of pancakes, chestnut flour, polenta, pasta and gnocchi.



The Giacopiane artificial lake, which was formed through the damming of River Calandrino to run a water-power plant, lies 14 km north of the town. There is a possibility of reaching the peaks of Mount Penna (1735 m), Mount Aiona (1,701 m) and Mount Agugiaia (1,090 m), all of which are found in Liguria, through a network of nature trails.

This region belonged to the abbey Sant'Andrea di Borzone until 1536. Borzonasca lies strategically between the coast and the hinterland, and because of that castles were built in the area by the Counts of Fieschi Lavagna for purposes of defending the commercial routes. The said Counts ruled over this area during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

In 1746 the Franco-Genoese army defeated the Austrian troops near Passo del Bocco, which was instrumental for the control of the territory.

With the appointment of the French rulers by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1797, the village came under the administration of Chiavari, the capital city of the ligurian republic. It was part of the Apennine region until 1814 during the first French Republic.

From 1861 onwards it was once again part of the Italian Kingdom, together with the district of Chiavari and the provincial town of Genua. From 1973 to 30th April 2011, it was seat of the administrative center and remained part of the mountain community of Valli Aveto, Graveglia and Sturla.

How to reach

How to reach

The town is located in the upper Sturla valley, 35 km to the east of Genoa. The district consists of 11 localities and covers an area of 80 square kilometers.

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