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Diano Castello in Italy | Province of Imperia, Liguria

Enjoy holidays between olive groves and vineyards in Diano Castello in Liguria, Italy.

Diano Castello

A beautiful restaurant in the town center of Diano Castello Stairs to go to a church in Diano Castello A wonderful view over the city of Diano Castello Italian flag in Diano Castello A view ofa restaurant in Diano Castello A beautiful church in Diano Castello, Liguria A view of the town center of Diano Castello A beautiful view of the old town of Diano Castello

Diano Castello


A beautiful town from the early Middle Ages

Come and visit old castles, beautiful church facades and impressive palaces

Travel tips

Travel tips

For white wine enthusiasts...

There are more mountains round the hill of Diano Castello which are used for wine growing or are covered by olive groves. The landscape is absolutely characterized by olive and wine harvest. Feel free to take part in a unique wine-tasting exercise and in the process enjoy Ligurian delicacies. Whoever would like to taste the wine in a local restaurant can go to L’Osteria di Castello, which is found right within the historical centre of town. The wine is checked every year by a testing commission and then assessed. The Vermentino white wine can best be enjoyed with fresh fish. Moreover, the “Premio del Vermentino” is awarded in June of every year in honor of the best Ligurian white wine.

...and Romantics

While the sun is slowly disappearing down the horizon on the other side of the sea, you can wind down the day with a romantic dinner on the terrace of the “Lo Stregatto” Restaurant (Via Diano San Pietro). You can enjoy your pizza in “Osteria dei Pini” (Via Meloria 4) in the medieval town of Diano Castello with a breathtaking view of Diano Marina and Cervo. Thereafter a walk through the locality which radiates with special charm even in the evenings is highly recommended.  

Cultural treasures

Diano Castello has 5 historical and impressive churches. The 2 most important ones are the San Nicola da Bari and Santa Maria Assunta. The San Nicola da Bari is from the 12th century and is characterized by a lovely baroque style. It is built facing the sea, the more reason why it majestically acts as a point of reference for all who approach the town from the sea. The most impressive thing about Santa Maria Assunta, which incidentally originates from the 13th century, is the unique harmonious apse, as well as the frescos on the wall inside the church. Next to Santa Maria Assunta is the restored Teatro Concordia building.

Celebrate Ligurian festivals with the whole family

Apart from the wine event in June there are several other events that take place especially in summer. Lively processions of people adorned in costumes are held in the streets and alleys of the ancient city centre, and these further actuate the beauty of the locality. There is something for both adults and children during your vacation. The “Teatro e Musica di Liguria”, for instance, is worth seeing in July especially for families, and it features musical performances and also children’s drama shows. In addition, the historical medieval procession in autumn is also worth seeing, together with the market and medieval cuisine.

Optimal Vacation spot for relaxation

Whoever would rather move into a quieter environment which is still not completely outside the holiday apartment or holiday house setting, for him is Diano Castello the optimal holiday spot. A short distance from the sea, nevertheless a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of the coastal resort, ancient and historical Ligurian flair – that is what Diano Castello offers you!

You can relax completely in the “Eira Terme” thermal pool (Via Seuda 3). There are various massage appliances, light sports, water gymnastics and cosmetic appliances to support you as you enjoy total relaxation. The Therme Centr has various sections: you can dive into hot water in a grotto with numerous tracking elements. Besides, there is a shower with color therapy inside the grotto. Other highlights in the Therme Centre are the alternating hot and cold bath, whirlpools and an amphitheatre built over a natural thermal spring in the open. Sound massage is also a special experience there. Simply go and experience it yourself at the wellness-oasis in Diano Castello!



Diano Castello rises above the small coastal resort of Diano Marina on a hill and is one of the most historically splendid localities in the Blumenriviera. The fortress consisting of strategically positioned churches and palaces (Palazzi) was erected in the 10th century for purposes of protecting the civilians from attacks by the Saracens. Later on the village became residence for Margrave Clavesana, before it established itself as a free municipality and demonstrated it with statues from the 14th century. Many buildings and facades have historical value and can be admired by those who love architecture. The city suburb of Varcavello is also worth seeing. Wander through the tiny alleys of Varcavello and enjoy the unique flair!

How to reach

How to reach

Diano Castello belongs to the municipality of Varcavello and is one of the villages in the province of Imperia which lies in the Liguria region. There are other villages near Diano Castello, for example: Diano San Pietro (2.6 km), Muratori (4.7 km) and Calderina (3.4 km). Turn from the highway exit to San Bartolomeo al Mare and follow the SP34 until you turn right into the SS1. Look out for sign post to Diano Castello on the right and follow it. Continue along the SP37 until you reach Diano Castello.

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