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Pesto & Sauses
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The capital of Liguria gives its name to the “Pesto alla Genovese” “Pestare” means to crush. The ingredients for the pesto are crushed raw and mixed. The Ligurian basil is particularly full of flavour and has small leaves. It grows all over the region – in the mountains and along the coasts. You can’t miss the smell of fresh basil! A differentiation is made between wintry and summery pesto: In the cold season, pale basil can be found on the balconies. With is delicate flavour, it is served with dishes such as lasagne or gnocchi. Towards the summer, deep green basil grows in the gardens. It has a more intensive flavour and is excellent for refining a minestrone. Be surprised by the versatile use of pesto in Liguria! Enjoy it with pasta dishes, spread on focaccia (a speciality) or in a typical Italian minestrone!

Main ingredients:
2 bunches of fresh basil,
4 cloves of garlic,
40g pine nuts,
120ml olive oil,
70g fresh grated parmesan cheese,
30g pecorino,
salt, pepper
Crush the basil, garlic and pine nuts, add olive oil. Work in the grated parmesan cheese and pecorino, one bit at a time, add olive oil if necessary until a creamy consistency is achieved. Then add salt and pepper to taste.

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