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Secondi Piatti
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Try these tasty baked eggplant rolls (ital. Melanzane). The preparation of this vegetarian meal is quick and easy. Buon appetito! Did you know? The eggplant was brought by the Arabs to Italy in the 15th century. They grow especially in sunny regions. Tip: Eggplants contain a lot of water. To avoid that the vegetable would absorb too much fat, salt the sliced eggplants before further preparation and let them stay around 20 minutes. Wash eggplants then dry them with paper towels.

Main ingredients:
2 large eggplants,
100 g smoked Scamorza (Italian cheese),
several fresh basil leaves,
4 tbsp tomato puree,
20g grated Parmesan

Cut the eggplant in about 0,3 cm wide strips and fry them in a grill pan on both sides. Cut the tomato and the Scamorza into slices. Put in each slice of eggplant a slice of cheese, tomato and some basil. Leave one end of the eggplant free, roll them and fix the slices with a toothpick. Put the rolls in a casserole and sprinkle it with a few spoons of tomato puree. Put the Parmesan cheese on the top. Bake the eggplant rolls in a preheated oven at 180°C for 15 minutes.

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