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Weather in Liguria

Liguria is renowned for its mild climate all year round with little rain

The weather in Liguria is influenced primarily by its proximity to the mountains in the north and the sea in the south. The climatic effects of the gulf stream and the imposing mountains with a height of up to 2000 meters combine to produce mild climate throughout the year.

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Imperia 04/12/2018 very heavy rain 9.6 10.2 8.9

Spring in Liguria

Frühling in Ligurien, Italien

Climate table of Spring temperatures, sunny hours per day and rainy days per month

Spring is the ideal season for you to visit Liguria. You can enjoy the first warm days with a walk on the beach and admire numerous towns, like Sanremo, teeming with multi-colored flowers. The water temperature fluctuates between 14°C and 18°C from March to May, and therefore one can by all means jump into the Mediterranean for a swim even then. Or you can go cycling along the beautiful Pista Ciclabile with a marvelous view of the sea. During that time of the year you can also try some delicious local products like the "fave" (green vegetables similar to beans) together with the ligurian Salami known as "Sant'Olcese" and the fresh salty cheese called "sardo fresco". Enjoy the colorful spring in Liguria with all your senses!

Summer in Liguria

Summer in Liguria, Italy

Climate table of Summer in Liguria - weather temperature, sunny hours per day and rainy days per month

Summer in Liguria means everything that you can probably want for a restful and eventful vacation: fine sandy beaches, dog beaches and clean water as well as mountains, wonderful landscapes, numerous excursions and sports facilities. The ligurian summer is characterized by pleasant weather. In July for instance, temperatures hardly ever rise beyond 29 degrees Celsius, and that makes it ideal for swimming - though sporting activities are not excluded either. Morning hours in particular are ideal for one to go for a lovely jogging exercise along the seafront or to enjoy an Italian breakfast. From June to August the sea warms up to between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius. Feel free to try a delicious ice cream in the afternoon, fresh apéritif in the evening and enjoy mild summer nights at the coast.

Autumn in Liguria

Autumn in Liguria, Italy

Climate table of Autumn in Liguria - weather temperature, sunny hours per day and rainy days per month

Fall in Liguria means red and yellow leaves, forests full of mushrooms and chestnuts, delicious wild dishes and red wines ... When the beach season is over, come to Liguria and discover the hinterland of the region, the colors, the smells and the various tastes! Tour the beautiful hiking trails and enjoy the ligurian fall! During this time of the year, it is still very sunny during daytime, but the evenings and nights are a little cooler. With the water temperature standing at 16°C - 21°C and the air temperature going up to 25°C, it is still possible to go for a swim in the sea in September and in the beginning of October.

Winter in Liguria

Winter in Liguria, Italy

Winter in Liguria is by far less hard and cold than in the surrounding regions, thanks to the Alps and the Apennines which protect the region from cold winds blowing from Northern Europe. From December to February temperatures in Liguria can rise up to 20 degrees. The seawater cools down to 13 to 14 degrees in winter. Although the climate is considerably milder in Liguria than in other regions of Italy, it can sometimes become cold enough for snow to fall. It also snows more in higher areas of the mountain region, and for that matter Liguria is also a popular winter sports destination.

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