Wine growers in Liguria

Wine growers and wine from Liguria

Overview of winegrowers in Liguria, quality wines from Chiusanico Chiusavecchia, Diano San Pietro, Dolcedo, Pontedassio, best wine from northern Italy

Red wines such as the Rossese di Dolceacqua or white wines like Vermentino or Pigato: you will surely find the right wine for your taste. Liguria is also known for its delicious quality wines. The best way to try out the different varieties is by visiting one of the many Ligurian winegrowers.

Red wine next to a port during the evening in Liguria

Ligurian wines - a wine journey for explorers and lovers

There are unknown species to be discovered in Liguria which are grown only in small quantities. Ligurian growing areas are: Cinque Terre, Colli di Luni, Riviera di Ponente, Vall d 'Aosta the Vermentino is grape No. 1, and tastes of Mediterranean herbs, surrounded with a slightly salty Note Pigato with an ancient origin, it is a purely Ligurian variety. Its aroma of wild herbs and wild flowers is influenced by the sun and the sea. The Barbera, Fumin and Petit Rouge are strong red wines from the tri-border region of Italy, France and Switzerland.

Italian Wine - diversity and great depth

The Italian wine was used by Italians simply as food for centuries, just as beer is to Bavarias, together with the olive oil and bread. Only with increasing prosperity did the Italian wines enjoy a great popularity; that is since the end of the last Century. They are still connected to the pleasure of a touch of luxury, holiday and the Italian lifestyle. Italy has more than 400 authorized vine varieties of quality wines; no country has more diversity in terms of the growing areas. Simple peasant wines are drunk from typically short glasses in Liguria.

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