Dog beaches in Liguria

Dog beaches in Liguria

There are several dog beaches in which your pet will be treated as a prince.

The services offered to the dogs at these beaches must be paid for. These well preserved facilities have the following services to offer; dog showers, sufficient shades and some offer play room or rest room for the dogs.

A dog is at the beach in Liguria

Public beaches for dogs

These are usually stone beaches or rock beaches. The dogs are taken during specific times to these beaches and they can swim occasionally. Whereas the services offered here are free of charge, the dog owners are cautioned and encouraged to watch out for the signposts. In some particular spots, especially on sand beaches, dogs are forbidden. Dog owners and animal lovers are encouraged take a tour to the mountain lake (known as Laghetti) for some new discoveries.

Paid dog beaches

The following summary should help you to orientate yourself, and enable you to have a restful holiday.

The owner is playing with her dog in Albisola

We always try to offer our guests the most up-to-date information and personal tips. We compile the information to the best of our knowledge and conscience. Please bear in mind that we are not liable for the correctness of the information. If you discover other sections of the beach or restaurants where dogs are welcome, we shall be glad to pass this information on to other dog-lovers.

Dog beaches in Liguria and Laghetti sorted by a province:

Province of Imperia


Dogs are allowed at the particular portion in Bagni Maoma, Lungomare Argentina 11 at the eastern boarder of Vallecrosia. However, all services provided to dogs must be paid for.

Diano Marina

There are no known dog beaches. However, there are possible services at Steinolo located near the Angolo di Sogno camp at the end of Viale Torino. Dogs are allowed here. The next dog beaches are found in Porto Maurizio. This is near Bagni Buraxen or Laigueglia Bagni bo and the services offered to dogs are not free of charge.

Dolceacqua / Rocchetta Nervina

There is ample parking space here! Take time to have a stroll down to the river! Enjoy the sight of the waterponds. Why not engage in the thrill of the bath from the fresh river water? This experience is exclusive to adults only!

A dog in Liguria

Dolcedo / Lecchiore

Follow the labelled road to Laghetti all the way from Acquasanta. You will personally experience how the river fills the ponds with fresh, clear water. Take in all the moments through the way out of the forest. 

Imperia Oneglia

This is a public stone beach along the less congested Via Novaro Angelo Silvio road. It is noteworthy though that one has to do alittle bit of climbing in order to reach there.

Porto Maurizio

We have the Spiaggia Comunale: it is situated at the end of Borgo Marina (also known as the sailboat port of Porto Maurizios). Now the directions: Follow the road with the signpost labeled ‘Bagni Buraxen’ and go down the steps. You will find a dog beach with ample playing space, showers as well as a stone and rock beach. The beach is fenced off; however, there is a portion of it with access to water.

Two dogs at the beach in Liguria

One may opt to follow the walkway behind the Bagni Buraxen road along the coast until one reaches Borgo Foce. This is a place with green fish boats at the dock. There is a small bay (at the end of via D. Moriani) just opposite the Restaurant (La Ruota is the name). At this bay, your dog can have a bath. 

Montalto Ligure

The  Fora di Taggia has small ponds which provide your pets with the needed refreshment.


Spiaggia Comunale at the Lungomare Colombo, is found between the restaurant Byblos and Bagni Baia del Sole. Here one can access stone beaches without any entrance fees for dogs, showers and digestive medication for dogs is available.

Bagni Baia Verde Beach, Aurelia di Ponente 7

Riva Ligure

At the exit of Riva Ligure there is a public stone beach at Lungomare C. Colombo

Dog beach in San Lorenzo al Mare

San Lorenzo al Mare

When you turn to the left before San Lorenzo and take the route under the bridge to the direction of the entrance to the port, the road is called Via Aurelia, you will then find a sand beach and a stone beach where dogs are allowed.

To the exit on the western side of San Lorenzo there are several routes with steps at the bicycle stop in Pista Ciclabile. Here you will also find a stone and sand beach which allows dogs.

San Remo

Terrazza Beach, Lungomare Italo Calvino Tel. 3334254330 (Paid.)

On the other hand one may take the route to Ospedaletti on the Via Aurelia shortly after the Q8 Lane you will see a Petrol Station at the left side of the road. You will then see parking space just before the big sports ground. Just at this area one can easily walk down the Beach.

Santo Stefano al Mare

At the end of Santo Stefano al Mare you will find a cyclists way/road which also leads you to a portion of the stone beach and rock beach. The flat expanse at the entrance makes it easier for the dogs to access the water easier.  


This is at the eastern boarder of Camporosso al Mare in the Via Carducci 13 way. There is a free dog beach here as well. No charges are required for the dog services.


This big bridge is located in Lungomare - passeggiata Oberdan 2 – this is between the Sirena Restaurant and the tributary of the Roya River. Drinking water, showers and resting places are all available. No entrance fees. For more information call +39 0184 2801

Province Savona


Bagni La Vedetta, Via Giancardi 34,, Tel. 3387221174

La Scogliera, Passeggiata Angelo Ciccione, 45, to the western direction of Alassio

As you approach Genoa turn towards the sharp corner on the left before Alassio. You will join the one way called “Zero Beach” at the Strada Statale 1, on Via Aurelia. You will find a very well kempt Dog beach where all your services will be met. The services are not free of charge. Among the services offered are; dog showers, enough dog shades and an expanse where the dogs may lay for 40 – 80 Euros one may rent any of the available beach pavilions or enjoy any of our services in the restaurant or the bar.

Baba Beach, Via Francesco Maria Giancardi, 44

The "Baba Beach" is not very far. The services offered to dogs are not free. The beach is popularly known for its "Terazzo Snoopy" terrace where all dogs enjoy themselves. The dogs can also refresh themselves at the 20 meter long beach.

Baba beach in Alassio, Ligurien

At the beginning of the bay you will find a couple of free stone beaches within which you may sit and have a view at the Bay. However, the steep access to this place is only possible for courageous dogs.

You may also park at the bay and walk along the port until you reach the “Zero Beach” (the stone beach).


Parco Vacanze Campeggio Mauro, V.le Che Guevara, 65 - 17031 Albenga

Albisola Marina

Bau Bau Village, Corso Bigliati 11

Everything appealing to dogs is offered at this village.

The flat Sand beach blends in well with the sea and it bearable for some water averse pets. Besides that, the presence of warm dog showers (each worth 1 Euro), drinking water and sufficient shades provide an ambience convenient for the pets. The highlight of Bau Bau is the dog training facility. New tricks are learned and consolidated along with the old ones. Additionally, a small bar with a view at the sea is available for people.

Dog beach in Albisola, Liguria


The free sand beach in Andora offers its clients a small and cozy area where your dog will be easily accommodated. However, animals are not permitted to access the beach waters. The beach is situated along the Via Aurelia way, shortly before its end to the western side of the Agip petrol station. Besides that, these are the other amenities available; volleyball fields, Kids play area, Toilets, Showers and a mini bar.

Finale Ligure:

This is a sand beach along the Via Concezione, just next to the Caserma della Guardia di Finanza.

Entrance fee is 6.50 Euros (this includes 1 sun umbrella and 1 sand mat) Or one could opt for Entrance worth 8.50 Euro (with 2 beach mats). For more information please call +39 019 6816081


Located at Capo Mele, Passeggiata del Golfo snc, (in front of Bagni Marinella) Tel. 0182 499200  

Offers: easy access to water, Sand beach, and a limited number of dogs are allowed. The entry fee of the dog is dependent on the size (of the dog)


Free Dog beach at the eastern Boarder to Spotorno.

Pluto Beach Lungomare Spotorno

Pietra Ligure:

Spiaggia "Ex Soggiorno Leonessa" Tel. 019 629311

Rin Tin Beach, Viale 25 Aprile, neben dem Krankenhaus Santa Corona

The entrance fees are between 10 and 18 Euros every day. There is only place for a maximum of 20 dogs. They are allowed access to water from 12:30 Hours to 14:.30 Hours and from 17:30 hours to 19:00 hours. 5 Dogs access the water not more than five times.

A dog is enjoying the beach in Liguria


The river basin also known as Laghetti des Rio Scaggion


There is another free Stone and rock beach which is found just before Varigotti when one has just left Genua. In case you are driving, park your car behind the sign post on sight with the name ‘Noli’. Continue then to the beach down the pathway.

Province of Genoa


The river basin/Laghetti della Tina, ab Arenzano Via Pecorara (behind the Hospital) located about 1.5 on a hill and can be accessed by Foot or with a bicycle.

Bagni Capo Marina, Corso Italia, 7, 16145 Genova,

One finds the well equiped Bagni Capo Marina dog beach along the long and famous street called Corso Italia. These are the services offered: sleeping baskets, drinking water, umbrellas and bathrobes. The entrance fee is 10 Euros for each person and each dog. An immunization card as well as a reservation in the dog register is required. The dogs are given access to water; however a swimming pool set apart for dogs is available.


Another good Dog Beach called L'Oasi per Cani is found near the known Chiavari tourist Port. Entrance is free; one can access drinking water, and showers. The dogs are given access to the sea.

Dog in Liguria


The little Laghetti /The river basin just 2km above Nervi, Via Molinetti di Nervi.

Genova Vesima:

As you come to the end of Vesima area, drive further up to Arenzano. After the tunnel, there is a stone beach where dogs are welcome too. Entrance is free, disposable material (for dog waste), drinking water and showers are all available here. 

San Carlo di Cese / Pegli:

One can park just before San Carlo and then proceed on foot to the road at Rio Gandolfi. After a short stroll one will find a river basin just fit for a bath.

Santa Margherita Ligure:

This is at the end of Santa Margherita. Drive to Portofino along the main street. After passing by Hotel Regina you will find a small sand and stone beach called Bau Bau beach. Entrance is free.


Cinque Beach, Via Dante Alighieri 5 - 16030 Moneglia

Beach in Moneglia, Liguria

Province of La Spezia

A Little Dog beach is available here. More information about it can be obtained through the toscanian web page.

Massa Carrara - Bau Bau Beach Partaggia, Via delle Pinete 237, just before Albergo Ostello Apuano, 54100 Massa Carrara

Bagno Flavio, Viale Italico, 56, 55042 Forte dei Marmi (LU)

Bagno Eugenia Beach, Viale Europa, 104, 55041 Camaiore Lucca

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