Ceramic vases in a museum in Liguria

Museums and galleries in Liguria

Art, archaeology, culture - Liguria’s museums and galleries host a variety of exhibitions

As an art lover you shouldn't miss interesting galleries and exhibitions, as well as the religious museums which have fine antiquities and paintings

Interested in art or archeology?

For those who love art, Genoa offers the best historical and religious collections - particularly within the walls of the Rosso Palace (Italian: “Palazzo Rosso”), the White Palace (Italian: “Palazzo Bianco”), and the national gallery at Spinola Palace (Italian: “Palazzo Spinola”). For those with an interest in archaeology there are the caves of the Red Rocks (Italian: “Balzi Rossi”) in the west and the caves of Toirano in the east; the archeological museum in Pegli, in the city of Genoa; and the Archaeological Museum of Finale Ligure - a town in the province of Savona. 

There is a lot to discover in Liguria!

Who wants to get to know the region better should visit one of the museums Ethnography, for example in Cervo or Triora (Imperia province).

To learn about Ligurian culture and the region’s history, the ethnographic museums in the towns of Cervo and Triora - and, of course, the Olive Tree Museum (Italian: “Museo dell’ Olivo”) in the city of Imperia - are the places to go.

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