La Spezia

This is a medieval town in the Tuscany region

Come and see the Museum of Printing and the oldest Printing Press in Europe

The beautiful old centre of town, that defied numerous earthquakes, is of particular interest. Most interesting of all is the water fountain which was built during the Baroque Era in 1683 by Cosimo III De Medici in Piazza Medicea.

Jacopo di Fivizzano, one of the first Printing Houses in Europe, opened in Fivizzano in 1471. One can still re-enact the equipment and its working processes in the della Stampa Museum in Palazzo Fantoni Bononi even today. The first typewriter was invented by Agostino Fantoni on the 27th of September in 1806.  He is one of Fivizzano's famous sons as well.

The Santi Jacopo e Antonio Church from the year 1377 is worth visiting. It is in the Fivizzano village and contains valuable paintings.

The Verrucola Castle is fascinating to visit too. It was built in the 11th Century and was used as a checkpoint as well as a fortification. Santa Margherita Church, from the 12th Century, is found in the Castle. The second Fivizzano Castle, the dell'Aquila Castle, is worth a visit. The Pieve di San Paolo Vendaso and the Santa Maria Assunta di Pognana Church, both from the 12th Century are of great interest.

Fivizzano was founded in Roman times and was situated at the junction of the road between Lucca and Parma.

Fivizzano became the seat of the tribunal in the 12th Century; this increased its prestige and prosperity. The Verrucola Castle was also built and was used as an intellectual and civil court. The Castle was enlarged in the Middle Ages and another installation was built on a hill outside the village in the 14th Century. Fivizzano was owned by the monks of St. Antonio since the 13th Century.

Due to its strategic location Fivizzano was attacked repeatedly. Fivizzano came under the rule of the Malaspina family and went into possession of Florence in1477. It became an important trading point. The city was attacked by the Spanish army in1537, but was able to defend itsself with the help of Florence. The city walls were reinforced and expanded.

Fivizzano became part of the First French Empire in 1537. It was incorporated into the Italian Kingdom in 1861. The region was rocked by a major earthquake in 1920 and Fivizzano was severely damaged and partially destroyed.

An Anglo-American air raid flew over the city in 1944 during the Second World War and left 30 people dead. Likewise there were several massacres by the SS units in 1944, in which over 400 civilians were killed.

Fivizzano lies 332 m above the Sea and is regarded as the Florence of Lunigiana. There are several other villages near Fivizzano, for example: Rometta (8.3 km), Verrucola (1.1 km) and Serrarola (1.3 km).

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Museums in La Spezia > Fivizzano

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