Vases in Museo dell'Olivo in Imperia

Museo dell'Olivo

The Museo dell’Olivo (Olive Oil Museum) is located in Imperia in Liguria, Italy

Situated in the West of the Ligurian Riviera, the museum lies on the one of the biggest olive groves and olive production of Liguria.

Museo dell'Olivo in Liguria

There are 18 rooms in this beautiful museum

With different topics which the main are the history of the olive, the olive tree cultivation and the olive oil production

You will learn more about the history of the famous olive tree. Beginning 6000 years in the past, then with the Greek and Roman period, middle age until nowadays, you will discover the evolution of the olive tree and from where it comes. 

Learn about the different types of olives

Then, you will enter in a world of more than thousands species of olives in the Mediterranean area. You will discover where are the ideal conditions for letting grow olive trees, where there are the most as well as the time to cultivate one olive tree.

Besides, you will also learn about the composition of the olive oil, which ingredients are used and how it’s produced and where are the biggest oil production in the world.

Olive oil in Museo dell'Olivo in LIguria

Olive Press in Museo dell'Olivo, Imperia

Museo dell´Olivo was known as the headquarters of the Fratelli Carli corporation

n the 20’ and the Carli family still have a little part of this land. They collected a lot of ancient objects over the decades which are now exhibited in the museum.

Opening times:

Monday - Saturday: 9.00 – 12.30 and 15.00 – 18.30, Sunday: closed Webseite

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