People are swimming in Liguria during the evening

Fishing in Liguria

Do you long for a relaxed fishing trip in the Mediterranean?

Whether during the day or at night - it is always possible to catch some fish in Liguria! From the cliffs, the beach or the boat, or even in the streams of the hinterland - Liguria offers many opportunities for fishing.

A man is fishing on the stones in Recco

Fishing at the coast

You only need a handheld fishing rod to get started along the Ligurian coast. Fresh natural baits can be purchased locally and with a bit of fisherman’s luck, you might even pull some barracuda or sea bass. Although fishing is generally permitted in the Mediterranean, you might want to check with the tourism information points, if you are allowed to fish in certain areas and near ports.

Fishing from the boat

A few metres off the coast, you will enjoy a lot more success. From tuna to barracuda and gilthead sea breams - many a tasty fish takes the bait here. If you don’t have access to your own boat, several local establishments will be happy to help you out.

Day trips

If you want to try your luck out on the open sea, check with the fishing establishments listed below and go on a day trip with other fishing aficionados.

A man is fishing at the shore of Liguria

Fishing courses

There is a variety of fishing courses on offer - for instance a course for fishing with a bait drag. Simply click on the following link to see the great possibilities in the world of fishing.

Angeln in

    Angeln in Savona

    Angeln in Genoa

Blue Water fishing Angeln in Liguria

Angeln in Imperia > Imperia (City)


Telephone number: 3351243554

Address: Viale Giacomo Matteotti, 209


Lisca di Pesca Angeln in Liguria

Angeln in La Spezia > Levanto

Telephone number: 3487387859

Address: Strada Statale 566 Dir

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