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Diano Marina in Italy | Province of Imperia, Liguria

Enjoy holidays right by the sea and spend you afternoon relaxing in beautiful sandy beaches in the city of Diano Marina in Liguria, italy.

Diano Marina

A view of the beautiful coastal town of Diano Marina Restaurant at the seaside in Diano Marina Flower carpet in Diano Marina during a celebration A concert in Diano Marina A private beach in Diano Marina A sculpture of a square in Diano Marina A private sandy beach in Diano Marina Sandy beach in Diano Marina, Liguria

Diano Marina


A charming coastal town with a rich historical past

It is the perfect place for those who love the beach and culture

Travel tips

Travel tips

Sandy beaches in Diano Marina

The town of Diano Marina is dominated by the architectural style of the late 19th and 20th century. It has around 7000 residents and stretches over an area of 6 sqm right along the Mediterranean in the province of Imperia. Here, you can find a myriad of heavenly sandy beaches - for some good relaxation or to push your boundaries in a volleyball match.A nice romantic walk along the promenade will round off your perfect day!

Rise in Tourism

The view of the sea, the mild climate - a truly stunning environment. Diano Marina - with its distinctive beaches - has been encouraging tourism since the 1950s. An in 2000, it had a huge boost. As the climate is mild all year round, tourism is one on the main economic factors of the town.

When visiting Diano Marina, you are spoiled for choice for your leisure activities with the countless bars, sports boat marinas and sporting facilities. Apart from the traditional sports like hiking, climbing and mountain biking, there are great opportunities for fascinating diving excursions or fun family activities like go-karting, bowling or mini golf.

The Feast of Corpus Christi is a very special and artistic event, locally known as “Infiordata del Corpus Domini”. The streets of Diano Marina are covered with an enormous flower carpet.

Culture in Diano Marina

The wonderful coastal road Via Aurelia also passes through Diano Marina. If you cross this road near the beach promenade, you will reach the Palazzo del Parco, which is home the City Museum. It is well worth a visit, there is much to explore: Archaeological finds from pre-Roman and Roman times and interesting souvenirs from the Napoleonic era and the Risorgimento.

The Sant’ Antonio Abate Church was built in 1862 and builds its charm on the marble alters from the Frensken family of the neo-classical church of the 17th century. Apart from paintings and other finds from the pre-Roman and Roman era, you will find items from the Renaissance and the Napoleonic era.

The local museum offers interesting insights into the history of Diano Marina over the centuries.

Off to the sea!

“Bella Italia!” Thee heavenly mild climate is a product of the sea and the mountains. Many holidaymakers return to Diano Marina every year to indulge in it. The little port of Diano is right in the centre of town and offers “accommodation” of local hobby boaters and anyone passing through.

A ship will take you to some of the key places along the Blumenriviera and also take you. Watching whales and dolphins up close is an unforgettable experience, particularly for children.

These little extras make your holiday in a holiday home in Liguria truly special - for you and for your kids.



Diano Marina`s history is very old and dates back to the Late Palaeolithic times and the Iron Age. Diano Marina then became permanently inhabited during the Bronze Age. Around the year 200 BC, the Romans established a small village and dedicated it to the god Bormano. It was only much later that the valley in which Diano Marina also lies was dedicated to the goddess Diana.

Like many other coastal villages, Diano Marina suffered a series of invasions by the Saracens and pirates between the 9th and 10th centuries. A new economic upswing then came through the cultivation of olives which were introduced to the village by the Benedictine Monks in the 11th century.

The region came under the rule of the Marquise of Clavesana and was a free and independent municipality. Diano Marina joined the communitas Diani in 1199. By so doing, Diano Marina became the main trading area for olives and olive oil. Through its direct access to the sea, this village also had direct connections to other European ports, and hence became a good centre for loading and off-loading goods to be transported by sea.

During the 16th century the village had to fend off several attacks from pirates, and hence watch- towers and defence systems were constructed along the coast. After the fall of the Genoa Republic, the village reverted back to the Liguria Republic and was annexed to the 1st French Empire in 1805. Diano Marina joined the Italian Kingdom in 1861. Large sections of the village were considerably damaged and destroyed by the earthquake of1887, and that included some artistic statues.

The opening of the railway line between Genoa and Ventimiglia gave Diano Marina a new upswing through tourism, most especially during the 1950s and 60s.

How to reach

How to reach

Diano Marina belongs to the municipalities of Diano Calderina, Diano Sereta and Gorleri and is one of the villages in the province of Imperia which lies in the Liguria region. Near Diano Marina are some other villages like: San Bartolomeo al Mare (2.4 km), Imperia (5.6 km) and Diano Castello (3.2 km). Turn off from the highway exit to San Bartolomeo al Mare and follow the SP34 up to the SS1 on the right. Turn off onto the SS1 and follow it until you reach Diano Marina.

Condominio al Mare

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Casa delle Margherite

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