View of Mendatica in Liguria

Valle Arroscia in Liguria

The Arroscia valley stretches from Arnasco (behind Albenga) through Pieve di Teco all the way to Peimont

The valley is better known for its golden yellow Pigato white wine, whose grapes originated from a former Genoan colony on the Aegean sea, located in what is known as Greece today. They were first cultivated here in 1830 by Father Franceso Gagliolo. However, it did take 120 years until the wine was marketed. Other regional specialities include olive oil, peaches, garlic and chestnuts. 

Church San Lorenzo Acquetico in Liguria

Beautiful churches and stone sculptures

In the Arroscia Valley there are many small towns in which there are numerous attractions and churches to be seen, such as the beautiful church San Lorenzo in Muzio. Other recommendations include the art show „I megaliti del terzo millennio“ by Rainer Kriester from 1982 – a type of open-air museum near Vendone. Here you will find 4 metre(12 feet) high blocks of stone that form a picture of a star. Additionally there is a wonderful view of the valley all the way down to the sea. 

Visit the waterfalls of Arroscia

If you would like to explore the curvy streets of the Arroscia Valley in something other than a car, we would recommend that you switch to a mountain bike or motorbike, and thus really experience the unspoilt nature of the valley, which is also just perfect for hikers, offering many trails including a scenic tour up to the Cascante (waterfall) in Mendatica.

A small tip: If you would like to explore the Arroscia Valley in a round trip, make for Pieve di Teco (towards Turino) and then head towards Mendatica.

Cascate dell'Arroscia in Liguria

Follow the road to Cosio di Arroscia and then on to Armo. Then on the way back head towards Albenga via Vendone and Arnasco. Along this route there are wonderful panoramic views of the green forests all the way down to the sea.

Stone sculptures in Arroscia Valley

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