Go-kart racing in Liguria

Go-kart racing in Liguria

Looking for a day full of excitement with your family?

Then chose one of a go-kart amusement parks that Liguria offer and get unforgettable experiences! Guaranteed fun for the children and for the parents!

Go kart instructors are preparing drivers for a go kart ride

What you need to know about Go-Kart

Go-Karting is a recreational motor sport. It involves driving open-wheeled vehicles, usually around a circuit. Go-Karts are relatively easy to drive -in a Go-Kart vehicle you will find only two pedals: one to accelerate and the other one to break. Before getting into a Go-Kart you will get all the necessary safety guidelines by a experienced instructor. You will also be able to try the vehicle until you will be ready to drive to the racing track. Let the Go-Karting experience in Liguria begin!

Go-cart in

    Go-cart in Savona

Go-cart in Imperia > Taggia / Arma di Taggia

    Pista degli Oleandri
  • Address:    Via Periane
  • E-mail:    pistaoleandri@libero.it
  • Telephone number   0039-0184475078/0039-3357770283
  • Language:
    • English
    • French
    • Italian

Go-cart in La Spezia > Lerici

    Funny Land Circuit
  • Address:    via Ameglia loc. Senato
  • E-mail:    funnyland@libero.it
  • Telephone number   0187-988274
  • Language:
    • English
    • Italian

Go-cart in Genova > Carasco

    Circuito Kart Carasco s.a.s.
  • Address:    San Quirico
  • E-mail:    ckc@ckc.it
  • Telephone number   0185/351515
  • Language:
    • English
    • Italian

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