Beach in the province of La Spezia, Liguria

Beaches in the province of La Spezia

La Spezia lies between Tuscany and the province of Genova on the side of the coast called Levante

The coastal line is largely characterized by a rocky coast with steep cliffs; and for that reason there are less touristic bays on that side with wonderful panoramas, and one can watch the sun go down over the sea – as opposed to the western side of Liguria’s coast.

Deiva Marina

The gravel and sand beach here extends over more than 600 metres with well-equiped lidos. The sea is very clear and the partly untouched sections of the coast reward divers with interesting diving sessions in remarkably deep waters, due to the steep coast. Away from the civilized world, visitors will find small, secluded bays under the sea cliffs, along the jagged coast. This part of the coast was repeatedly awarded the Bandiera Blu, the seal of approval for clean water. Deiva Marina is a well-known fishing spot.

Addresses of lidos: Corallo - Via Fornaci, 23; Riviera - Via Fornaci;  Arcobaleno - Lungomare Colombo; Lido - Lungomare Colombo; Stella - Lungomare Colombo     

Diving center: Centro Immersioni Deiva Marina, Via Ghiglielmone, 139

Seaview from Bonassola in Liguria


The Bonassola beach is characterized by dark sand and gravel and many colourful fishing boats. Although the village is located on the outskirts of Cinque Terre, it is suitable for those who love outings and for families with small children. A rock jutting out to sea is very popular with bigger children who use it to test their courage by springing into the water. Almost the whole beach are is free.  

Lido: Bagni San Giorgio Via F.illi Rezzano loc. arenile, Bonassola


Levanto offers many different types of beaches; it is from here that even ferries to Cinque Terre and Portofino set off. Along the so-called “A Preia” promenade comes the first beach of the bay which is suitable for snorkeling. In the middle of the bay, just after the landing area for fishing boats, you will find the shallowest access to the water and sand for the children. It is at this point that even most of the swimming facilities begin. Below the old railway station, between two pillars, you will come across the public part of the beach, and after River Ghiararo you will find three other swimming facilities.

Beach in Levanto, Liguria

Whoever would rather undertake something for himself alone, can jump on his bicycle and ride across the cycling track along the coast until he finds the right rock beach for himself.

Monterosso al Mare

You will find the largest and also most touristic sandy beach in the whole of Cinque Terre. You had better come by train in July and August, because parking places are hard to come by. You can even rent boats, surfing boards and catamarans in this place. From the train, you will right away be at Lungomare Fegina, where sand and gravel mingle interchangeably. Afterwards, you can lie down on a rock or stroll further to the port, next to which you will again find a sandy beach with finer sand.

The lidos are found in the Via Fegina and Via Corone.

Beach in Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre


There are only two beaches in Vernazza, one at the base of the town and the other which can only be reached by crossing the grotto not so far away from the village grounds. Gravel and rocks are the order of the day here, parking places are rare, therefore it is better to leave the car in La Spezia and come by train or boat.  

Beach in Vernazza, Liguria


Peculiarity: Sentiero Azzurro

The famous “Guvano Beach” lies between Corniglia and Vernazza. This beach can be accessed either from Vernazza through the paying Sentiero Azzurro (about one hour when walking), or through Corniglia by following the disused railway tunnel, a route which will take you about 15 minutes and is subject to fees being levied, which fee has to be paid at the end of the tunnel.

There is yet another beach below Corniglia and next to the railway station, or the one at Marina di Corniglia, accessible via stone steps from the centre of town towards Vernazza.


Manarola itself lies on a rock directly by the sea. From the railway station, the road takes you towards the port, and there you can even jump into the sea for a swim or you can continue walking from there following the road signs to the cemetery (Cimitero). After 3 km you will then reach the Corniglia beach.

The Via dell Amore, whose distance stretches along the coast and leads through the Riomaggiore, is a recommended site for cyclists. 

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Popular anchor bays for yachtsmen: this is specifically between Scoglio, Grimaldo and Scoglio Montonaio.

The beach is situated at the eastern end of the Village. One can easily access it when one goes through the tunnel at the train station and then further downhill towards the port. At the port, take the next turn to the left. It is the only road in that area. When one continues a few meters ahead one comes across lead you to a stony/sandy Beach. There is a shower at the beach. However, the beach becomes very unfriendly and dangerous especially when the turbulent waters which pose a great threat by leaving the shore rocks exposed to the shore. 

The Canneto Beach can be located between Punta Castagno and Punta Castagna. It is noteworthy that this Beach can only be accessed by means of Water transport, and a waterfalls with fresh water springs up between the cascades, just like a natural shower. 


With the help of a hovercraft one can easily access the Palmaria Island and enjoy the thrill of several beaches like the Spiaggia Palmaria, Spiagga del Secco and Spiaggia Cala Fornace di Portovenere. To the east of the island the Spiaggia dei Gabbiani Beach is one in a million. These are basically stone or rock beaches which regularly influence the occasional low sea water levels.

Beach in Portovenere, Liguria

La Spezia

The rest of the beaches are situated at the eastern side of San Terenzo. Some of them are; The Baia Blu in Lerici along the Via S. Biaggini road in Tellaro. Several beaches can also be accessed in the western side near Portovenere.


There are also several bath- beaches in San Terenzo. The Baia Blu or the Lido di Lerici as well as the Venere Azzurra are among them. They can be accessed when one drives 1 Kilometer along the  Via S. Biaggini way. Three other holiday beaches can be reached when one drives behind the Castle/Palace through a gallery which is along the coast. Dogs are allowed access only during the off peak seasons.

Beach in Lerici, Liguria


There is an elevated flat expanse to the sea near Marina di Tellaro in Tellaro. One can rest on the rocks nearby and also swim. However, one has to watch out for the sailing boats. The other spots in the sea before Tellaro are rather deep but the water is still crystal clear. 

One can attain tranquil and sanctuary when one goes by the San Giorgio Church along the cliffs for some sun bathing. When you go past the San Giorgio Church along the cliff on the rock you will find some secluded spot for sunbathing. A walk from Tellaro towards Fiascherino will take you to 2 small attractive bays with coarse sand, and which are free to the public. When you are outside the village and directly next to Hotel Il Nido, you take the flight of steps down To get to the first beach. You can take a good bath there with the children, since the water is not so deep at that point. The sun takes long to get to this place and you can experience some quite stunning sunsets there. The two privately managed beaches in Fiascherino can be reached via the tarmacked road to Lerici.

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Punta Corvo

The wonderful bay below Montemarcello can be reached through the road (with numerous signposts) which first leads you to many houses and goes through trees and Bushes. The road stretches further uphill and its total distance is estimated at about 700 meters. The uphill climb takes about thirty minutes. It should be noted that the steps found along the way need to be gotten used to and the road is quite steep. The boats from Bocca di Magra, Lerici and Tellaro do make a stopover at the Bay in summer.

Dog beaches in the province of La Spezia

Are you away on holiday with your pet? Find out where the a hundred beaches of La Spezia Province is and what they have to offer.

Dog beaches in the province of La Spezia

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