Beach in the province of Genoa, Liguria

Beaches in the province of Genoa

The province of Genova in eastern Liguria has got lovely beaches

There are numerous natural coastal areas in the smaller villages, romantic bays and lovely ports. The villages to the east of Genoa belong to the Riviera di Levante. You will find fascinating coasts and fabulous landscapes there. The coastal region in the province of Genoa is subdivided into the gulf of Genoa, the paradise gulf and the gulf of Tigullio. Some of the highlights in this area include the capital city Genoa, the Portofino peninsula as well as the picturesque bays of Sestri Levante


The beaches of Cogoleto can be reached for example by bike from the direction Varazze. The old rail line was renovated to become a 5 km long cycle path whic connects the two towns. The beach of Cogoleto is located in the town center and consists mainly of gravel and sand. Also the quieter rocky beach can be reached from the bike path Pista Ciclabile.


Arenzano is the first resort of the Riviera di Ponente and is 20 km west of Genoa. The small coastal town nestled between mountains and sea, offering both - beach and active travelers a perfect time. The sandy beach of the city is well maintained, at Piazzale del Mare you will find a free strip of beach. At the beach promenade you will find many cafes, bars and restaurants.

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Genoa is a capital of Liguria's culture  with numerous palaces, churches, museums and the harbor. The coastal strip of Genoa stretches over 35 km. In the East of the city center  many beautiful beaches and bays can be found. The district Boccadeasse can be reached by a 20 minute bus ride. Here you find a small Italian village with a small charming harbour, the typical Ligurian colorful facades of houses and a charming little bay with a gravel beach. If you move even further to the east you can reach the long sandy beach Sturla and many small bays in Genoa Quarto dei Mille. 


Beaches and cliffs can be seen interchangeably in Bogliasco. There are small, idyllically located stone beaches in this place. The water quality is good, the sea offers pleasant refreshment, and the beach and sea are ideal for surfing. The quiet location of the small stone beaches makes them ideal for relaxation. In addition, there is an old Roman bridge directly at the beach and which is worth seeing.


You will find both a beautiful sand beach and also gravel and rock beaches in Sori. This variety makes it possible for you to have a relaxed and quiet holiday, even far away from other tourists. The cool water with good quality will refresh you after a relaxed sunbathing spell. There are many legends circulating around the beach at Sori, and the most famous of them is that of the stone statue, the „Madonna del Pontin“. According to legends, this statue is said to have disappeared three times in the course of the locality’s history, and each time it reappeared again. That statue can be viewed today on the bridge down at the beach.

Beach in Sori, Liguria


There are wonderful beaches composed of gravel, stone and rock in Recco. The main beach - Bagni Marina is centrally located. You will find toilets and showers directly at the beach. Cleanliness is highly valued in this place, and the water quality is very good. There is even a sun-shade rental at the Bagni Marina beach. If you prefer a rather quieter environment, you will find an idyllic place for relaxation on the other small beaches in the area surrounding the village.


You will find a beautiful rock beach in Camogli. You can bathe, relax, sunbathe or tour the coast in this place. From the beach, you will be in the city centre within a few minutes. The view from the beach over the colourful house facades forming the village is unique to see. You can also reach the port in a few minutes on foot. The sea and the coast around the village  of Camogli offer you an outstanding bathing and diving opportunity.


There are beautiful stone and rock beaches in Portofino. You can relax in peace in this place, bathe or go for a stroll. From the beach you can reach the centre of town within a few minutes, and even the idyllic natural harbour is not far away. Since there are very few parking places in Portofino, you should opt for public transport. The water quality is outstanding.  Portofino manages the Sea Protection Zone of Portofino together with the towns of Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure.


Apart from the stone and rock beaches, there is also a big beach promenade in Zoagli. Take a stroll along the promenade and enjoy the unique view of the coast and the sea. The sea in front of Zoagli is ideally suited for bathing. The beaches are very clean, the water quality is good – nothing more stands in the way of a swimming excursion. If you would rather go outside the village and seek out a quiet beach, you better visit the numerous small bays  along the coast.


Chiavari offers a large sandy beach in the centre of town, which makes it the perfect place for a relaxed beach outing. You will find toilets, showers and a sun-shade rental there. The clear sea water of good quality beckons you to take a swim, while the sand offers the young ones the perfect place to dig and furrow in. From here, you can make it to the town centre in a few minutes‘ time.

If you would like to bathe a little outside the public view, the small gravel and stone beaches all round the place, along the coast, offer an idyllic and quiet place for bathing and relaxation.

Beach in Chiavari, Liguria


There is a wonderful sand beach in Lavagna.The very high water quality, and the good quality and cleanliness of the beach are regularly awarded, and hence serves as the perfect place for an exciting day at the beach. No matter whether you want to sunbathe, to swim, to take a stroll or to play – the beach at Lavagna gives every person the perfect thing to do. The blue water offers an ideal variety and the perfect refreshment. In just a few minutes on foot you will be at the city centre.

Beach in Lavagna, Liguria

Sestri Levante

The sandy beach at Sestri Levante is unique. The fine sand and blue sea with very good water quality offer you the perfect place for a beautiful beach outing. Enjoy the view over the sea and the coast; also take a stroll along the coast. Even the view over the beautiful house facades of the village, which adjoin directly to the beach, is unique. So are the walks on the long beach promenade right along the village, on offer. You can hire e-Bikes from here and use them to tour the place. Also visit the other bays in the village and enjoy the clear water.

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Dog beaches in the province of Genoa

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Dog beaches in the province of Genoa

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