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Garlenda in Italy | Province of Savona, Liguria

Look at a trotting race at the largest trotting race track in Europe.




Albenga, Savona

This is a small mountain village in the middle of green vegetation

Come and undertake several activities around the locality

Travel tips

Travel tips

Garlenda is surrounded by a very beautiful green landscape and the people there are very friendly. During beautiful excursions through the natural vegetation, you will again and again be able to appreciate the uniqueness of this region.  

The place is ideal as a starting point for long walks through the forests and meadows. Extended hiking and cycling tours through the hinterland can also be organized from Garlenda.

There are also many events in Garlenda. From April up to December you can watch sports tournaments in this place, as well as enjoy spring- and summer festivals and music shows.

Attention all golf fans! One of the most famous golf courses in the whole of Italy is right here in Garlenda. .

The golf club is a wonderful 18 –hole golf course. For all members and also guests, who only come to use it for the first time, there is a beautiful swimming pool which is surrounded by wonderful scenery. Besides, there is a possibility of visiting the very well equipped fitness studio.  There are always many prominent people in the golf club whom you can meet. The place is located in the Via del Golf 7, 17033 Garlenda (SV).

Golf is not your sport? Then you can also enjoy playing tennis. 

Moreover you can reach the sand beach in Alassio within a few minutes by car 



The village of Garlenda is part of the Albenga municipality in the Savona province. The village was founded in early Middle Ages and was integrated into the Savona province. During the Middle Ages, Garlenda became part of the municipality of Albenga. 

How to reach

How to reach

Garlenda belongs to the Albenga municipality and is a locality of Savona province which lies in the Liguria region. In the vicinity of Garleda are several other villages like: Mamoreo (7.9 km), Paravenna (5.1 km) and Cascina (2.1 km). From Genoa take Albenga exit, then follow Strada Statale 1. From there, change to the Via Aurelia towards di Via Roma/StradaProvinciale 6/SP6 nearGarlenda.

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