Tennis in Liguria

Tennis in Liguria

Would you like to swing your tennis racket even on holiday?

Liguria has many tennis courts at the disposal of the tourists, to give them a break from sightseeing and to enable them to really work themselves out in a singles or doubles game. Happy hormones coupled with physical exercise – that will make the Italian specialties taste double so nicely afterwards.

Tennis court in Ospedaletti, Liguria

Sunny holiday weekends for tennis players on the Italian Riviera

Play a proper match on holiday and make your opponent sweat with a really good drive on a sand or hard court. If the sun is too hot for you during day, you can as well play in the evening with floodlights in many of the tennis courts. We have selected for you some of the popular tennis courts in Liguria which you can easily access from your holiday residence. 

Tennis lessons

Whoever has never played tennis before, and wants to use this holiday to try it out, can register with an Italian tennis teacher and learn this popular ball game. Tennis has a long history, but it was first played in the courtyards of monasteries and earlier French ball houses. In Italy, tennis was first mentioned around the year 1325. There are modern tennis courts everywhere along the Ligurian coast.

Tennis court in Hanbury Gardens

Tennis Clubs with contact information:

Solaro Tennis Club
Via Solaro 111, 18038 San Remo
+39 0184 665155

Hanbury Tennis Club
Via Michelangelo 12, 17021 Alassio
+39 0182 640174

Ospedaletti Circolo Tennis
Corso Regina Margherita, 18014 Ospedaletti
+39 0184 688115

Tennis Club Il Torrione
S.Stefano al Mare - Via Seve 16
Tel: +39 184 486565

Armatori Tennis Armesi
Arma di Taggia - Via Lungomare
Tel: +39 184 42059

Tennis Club Bordighera
Bordighera - Via Stoppani 15
Tel: +39 184 261661 

Circolo Tennis Cervo
Cervo - Via Steria 49 
Tel: +39 183 402392

Tennis Diano Prato Fiorito
Diano Marina
Tel: +39 183 497648

Circolo Tennis Imperia
Imperia - Via San Lazzaro 70
Tel: +39 183.650244

Tennis Club San Bart 
San Bartolomeo a Mare - Via Martiri della Libertà 33
Tel: +39 183.401782

Circolo Tennis San Remo 
Sanremo - Matuzia 
Tel: +39 184 661776

Boscobello Sport Club 
Sanremo - Corso Inglesi 374
Tel: +39 184.502702

Tennis Club Ventimiglia 
Ventimiglia - Via Peglia 1
Tel: +39 184.357176

Tennis Club San Simone
San Bartolomeo a Mare - Via Cà de Calvi, 16
Tel: +39 183 401608

Tennis court in Liguria

Andora Tennis
Via Capri
Tel. 0182/85185

Tennis Club Atletika
Via S. Angela, 5
Tel. 0182/8675

Tennis Club Il Faro
Pinamare, viale Argentina, 5
Tel. 0182/86392

Villanova d' Albenga - Fraz. Coasco
Tel. 0182/582007

Tennis Club Loano
Loano, Via Aurelia, 66
Tel. 019/669055

Tennis Club "Tie Break"
Varazze, Via Villagrande, 13
Tel. 019/95493

Tennis Club San Giacomo
Loc. Piani di San Giacomo
Tel. 338/5353335

Tennis Club Lavadore
Celle Ligure, Via Lavadore, 24
Tel. 019/9908699

Tennis Club DLF
Savona, Via Stalingrado
Tel. 019/801803

Tennis Club "Le Mimose"
Savona, Via Rusca, 43
Tel. 019/822816

Tennis Club "Lido Azzurro"
Savona,Via Nizza
Tel. 019/881100

Tennis Club Vado
Vado Ligure, Via Leopardi (Loc. Murata)
Tel. 019/883276

Tennis Club "Alba Docilia"
Albisola Marina, Via Garbarino, 8
Tel. 019/4844810

Tennis Club "Cantau"
Albisola Superiore, Via Cantau, 11
Tel. 019/480277

Tennis Club Finale Ligure
Finale Ligure, Via Lungosciusa, 12
Tel. 019/601870

Tennis Club Varigotti
Varigotti, Via Aurelia
Tel. 019/698028

Tennis Club Aranci
Spotorno, Via Serra,
Tel. 019/743111

Tennis Club Spotorno
Spotorno, Via Maremma, 26
Tel. 019/745.843

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