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Finale Ligure - Isallo Extasy

Distance: 44 km

Difficulty: blue (moderate)

The Isallo Extasy offers the ultimate cycling experience and is highly addictive. The impressive descent  at the Colle del Melogno is suitable for beginners, despite some challenging sections. At the starting point at Finalborgo (locality in Finale Ligure), you will face a 900 m height gain on an asphalt road to begin with. A gravel road then takes you to the start of the trail. Since there is hardly any traffic on this route, you will be able to relax. You will pass the restaurant Din, where you can treat yourself to a well deserved lunch break.

If you prefer to skip the uphill section, you can take advantage of the shuttle bus offer. The effort, or bus ride, is definitely worth it.

What follows now, is an adventurous downhill ride on a seemingly inconspicuous path. It stretches from a hut at the level of the pass of the Colle del Melogno to the small hamlet of Isallo.

View of Finale Ligure from mountain biking tour

The exciting descent is interspersed with several challenging sections, which are guaranteed to keep you on your toes. Don’t miss this spectacle and go on a tour that you are sure to finish with a massive grin on your face...

Pietra Ligure - Rifugio Pian delle Bosse

Distance: 28 km

Difficulty: red (difficult)

This tour takes you from the coast of Pietra Ligures to the Rifugio delle Bosse, a small hut in the mountains of Savona. You will be able to enjoy thrilling descents and a wonderful seaview. The constant change between ascents and descents makes for an adventurous ride. You start on the main road in Pietra Ligure. The coastal road will take you through the sleepy village of Giustenice and then a small asphalt road leads towards Monte Carmo. The ascent is rather calm, so you will still be able to relax. 

Mountainbike tour in Pietra Ligure, Liguria

Soon after the road changes into a gravel track, you will get to a turn-off that is sign-posted as “MTB Rifugio Pian delle Bosse”. The track becomes increasingly narrow and soon transforms into an impressive path. A farm track then leads up to Rigogio. 

The bumpy track that descents from the hut offers excitement pure. When you reach a parking space, you enter a footpath, which is marked as a hiking trail and ascents steeply.  The descent follows on a marked hiking trail. It ends at a stone hut on a wide gravel road.

The main track covers the entire mountain ridge in constant ascent and descent. This adventurous tour will take you to the village of Ranzi. On the asphalt road from Ranzi back to Pietra Ligure, you will have a another opportunity to soak in the heavenly landscape.

Finale Ligure - Le Manie

Distance: 15 km

Difficulty: red (difficult)

The high plateau of Le Manie is home to the famous 24-hour MTB race. Apart from an exciting ride, Le Manie offers spectacular views of the coasts in front of Finale Ligure and Varigotti.

You set off on the Via Calvisio in Finale Ligure. The first 2 km are flat and serve as a warm up. Then, the road forks off up to Verzi. 

Soon, you will be cycling past Rocco di Corno, one of the most well known rock-climbing cliffs in Finale. This is followed by a slight ascent towards Arma, which is challenging in part. You will then reach a gravel road, which is the starting and finishing point of the 24-hour MTB race.
Now it’s time for the exciting part of the route: the descent. Above the cliffs of Varogotti, you will enter the forest.

Mountainbiking Tour in FInale Ligure, Liguria

The steeper the descent becomes, the more precarious it is. Since some sections are washed out, you may prefer to push your bike in between - depending on your skill level. After a while, the trail changes into a cobbled path, which leads to Varigotti. In this section, you can enjoy a breathtaking seaview. The final stretch back to Finale Ligure runs along the coast.

Experience this exciting tour with its amazing views and a challenging final section and end your trip with a delicious espresso or cappuccino in Finale Ligure!

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