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Mountainbike tours in the province of La Spezia

Mountainbike tours in the region of Liguria, Italy

Cinque Terre - Volastra Circular Tour

Distance: 24 km

Difficulty: blue (moderate)

This tour offers breathtaking views of the three villages Riomaggiore, Manarola and Corniglia. It mainly follows gravel tracks. This impressive circular tour takes you through the characteristic Mediterranean shrubland, the Macchia. The starting and finishing point is the centre of Volastra. At the village square, you turn into the Strada Provinciale and follow the asphalt road uphill. Here you will come onto a gravel track, which meanders up to the Telegrafo Pass (Monte Fraschi), where you will be able to stop for a meal and refreshments.

Follow the road for about 4 km, until you reach Bramapane. From here, head towards La Croce. Now take the path towards the sandstone block and the east side of Monte Marvede.

Once you reach the Passo Cigoletta, the route continues downhill to Fornacchi. This road finally takes you back to Volastra.

This circular tour is perfect for exploring the unique national park of Cinque Terre and for admiring the colourful, romantic villages!

Passo Telegrafo - Circular tour

Distance: 18 km
Difficulty: blue (moderate)

This round tour is set high above the sea. In good weather, you will be able to enjoy views all the way to Corsica or to Monviso near Cuneo. This route does not require a great degree of skill, however, it does include a few precarious sections, where you may want to carry your bike instead.

Mountainbike tour in Liguria

The magnificent view from the top of the cliffs is really worth the effort for the mountain biker.

The starting point is a Passo Telegrafo (Monte Fraschi). You follow the path downhill, until you can turn off into a bumpy, steep road a few hundred metres along. After about 3 km on this route, you will reach some smoother ground. 

You will pass a cemetery further downhill, on the asphalt road towards Volastra. When you reach this town, you can follow the main road towards Corniglia.

In Fornacchi, you turn off towards Portovenere at the junction and follow the main road to La Croce. Here, you will get back onto the gravel track, which you follow up to Verrucoli.

This will take you back to your starting point.

On this route you will enjoy spectacular views across magnificent villages and really get to know a part of this breathtaking region. Don’t miss out on this experience!

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