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Imperia - Diano Marina

Distance: unknown
Difficulty: green (easy)

Make sure you don’t miss the MTB track in Diano Marina! The route is a true insider tip and offers an active change from the beach holiday to mountain bike fans.In close proximity to the sea, you can cycle along some exciting paths and enjoy the beautiful and varied landscape of Liguria.

Getting to the starting point of the tour

Approaching from Genua/Nizza, please take the motorway exit San Bartolomeo al Mare and drive towards Diano Marina. Follow the coastal road Via Aurelia towards Imperia and then turn right at the sign “Oasi Park” (Via Angiolo Silvio Novaro). Follow the road parallel to the train tracks, until you reach the stop sign. Here, turn left towards Oasi Park / cemetery. Park here. The road on the left, “Strada ai Gorleri”, takes you to the mountain bike tour (the camp site is on the left). This is were the tour starts.

If you want to avoid any nasty surprises, you can check on the current condition of the road and any blocked off passages due to heavy rain or avalanches with the Polistrada in Limone.  It happens fairly often that a section of the route becomes unpassable overnight due to boulders falling onto the road. Equally, there might be blockages from the authorities.

The route is not limited for use by cyclists; you can also enjoy the views by car or motor bike.

Mountainbike tour in Diano Marina

Are you ready for this exciting tour? Do you want to explore it independently? Then don’t waste any time! Find a cycling partner to share this experience with you. Even for tried and tested cyclists with a wealth of experience, it is a good idea to travel at least as a duo, as this tour really does demand a high skill level. Nevertheless, this road is a dream come true for any dedicated cycling tourist. Please do bear in mind, that there are hardly any restaurants or service areas along this route.  You will need to plan and pack accordingly.

Enjoy the unforgettable day trip on the Ligurian Border Ridge Road and be enchanted by the uniqueness of the landscape!

Imperia - Via Cresta (Border ridge road)

Distance: 63 km
Difficulty: red (hard)

Are you looking for an exciting mountain tour? Then don’t miss the Ligurian Border Ridge Road and enjoy the atmosphere of this unique route. The Ligurian Border Ridge Road follows the Italian - French border at an altitude of up to 2000 m. The views on this tour are simply breathtaking. The 63 km road starts in Colla Melosa and leads to Colle di Tenda.

Mountain bike tour in Imperia Via Cresta, Liguria

While the road is graveled all the way, its condition varies. This is why you will come across the one or the other building site. However, these are easy to pass. There are also several section that pass through the forest.The greatest part of this road network was built between 1880 and 1940 to serve as a military supply road for the high forts during the world wars. The Border Ridge Road crosses lonely areas an touches on 12 mountain tops that you can cycle up.

Mountainbike tour in Imperia, Liguria (Via Cresta)

The southern side of the Colle di Tenda offers a remarkable introduction to the spectacular Ridge Road and should not be missed. The hairpin bends, sitting closely on top of each other, are amongst the most impressive pass roads in the entire alps. At the foot of the Tende Pass, the military town of Tende is well worth a visit, though it now belongs to France.

At the end of this route, you can already see the ridge of the Colle di Tende in the distance. An old massive fort, the Fort Centrale, is the icing on the cake. It dates back to the war times of the year 1880. 

It is best to start this tour in the early morning - the air is nice and clean at that time and the light is perfect for taking photographs. Even when the roads are empty, we recommend not to turn this route into a race. A moderate pace and respect for nature are still the universal law. After all, nature is intended to be enjoyed and to spend time in.

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