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Stella in Italy | Province of Savona, Liguria

Visit the "5 star peaks" which are five beautiful churches in the village of Stella in Liguria, Italy.




A little pearl with a lot of wind above Albisola

Enjoy clear starry nights in Stella during summer time

Travel tips

Travel tips

The five churches of the respective municipalities form star pointers: S. Giovanni Battista, San Bernardo, San Giacomo, San Martino and Santa Caterina

The Palazzo Regnasco a San Martino

The birthplace of Sandro Pertini, the seventh president of the republic, in San Giovanni

Fiera del bestiame (livestock market) on 21st August in San Bernardo

The annual spectacle known as "Polvere di Stelle" (stardust) takes place on the last weekend in August. When you are in Stella San Giovanni you will be able to admire theater actors, jugglers and folklore groups.



This area was already inhabited in prehistoric times as evidenced by the discovery of some stone-age tools. Stella Stern was probably frequented by the ligurian tribe of Docilii in pre-Roman times. After the Romans had conquered this territory, it became part of the city of Vada Sabatia (currently the city of Vado Ligure), and the first church belonging to the only parish in the area was built by Martin von Tours  up to 1567.

At the beginning of the seventh century, after several confrontations between the Langobards and the Byzantines, the castle finally came under the command of Albisola, until the Langobards conquered the Riviera in 643 and therefore also the areas of Stella and Alpicella (the current Varazze).

In 931 the Saracens came to Acqui Terme and destroyed Giusvalla abbey despite the reinforcements by Emperor Ottone I del Monferrato.

The castle of Stella was rebuilt in first half of the twelfth century, and that was followed by the agricultural resettlement of the valleys which were first inhabited by herdsmen and woodcutters. The area was under the supreme rule of Marquis Guelfo, after whose death his wife gave the castle of Albissola to the city of Savona. Mention of the name Stella is first done in the document of 23rd January 1137; among reporters there is an Arialdus de Stella that serves as evidence of the transfer.

How to reach

How to reach

The town is located in the ligurian Apennines. The district consists of five villages of San Giovanni (the capital), Gameragna, San Bernardo, Santa Giustina and San Martino, and it covers an area of 43 square kilometers.

You can reach Stella by taking the SP 334 from the Albisola highway exit. One can also get to San Giovanni by taking the SP2 and then following the Sansobbia River all the way. 

The area lies partly in the Monte Beigua national park.

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