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Osiglia in Italy | Province of Savona, Liguria

Visit the beautiful village of Osiglia during your holiday in Liguria, Italy.




Osiglia is a quiet mountain village and idyllic summer destination

There is an artificial lake which is popular with anglers, canoeists and surfers.

Travel tips

Travel tips

The parish church of Santo Nome di Maria in Borgo

Bridge over the River Osiglietta. The bridge which was built in the late Middle Ages consists of one single arch with a central shrine.

Sagra della Torta dolce on the second last Sunday in August



The municipality of Osiglia is located in a hilly area in the upper valley of River Osiglietta, a right tributary of the River Bormida di Millesimo in the ligurian Alps.

In the tenth century the area was part of Bonifacio del Vasto’s estate.

The del Carretto family ruled over the area up to the 16th century, when it came under the influence of the Spanish monarch. The area thrives on the processing of wood, chestnuts and mushrooms which are collected and dried within the locality. They form part of the most important local products. Osiglia belongs to the municipalities of Barberis, Borgo, Cavalotti, Giacchini, Monte, Orticeti, Ponzi, Ripa, Ronchi and Rossi.

The name Osiglia is probably derived from the pre-Roman word ausa (which means source) or from the Latin word aucellus/uccello (bird); the locality is already mentioned in the twelfth century as Oselega.

Osiglia is very popular with tourists and vacationists in summer due to the artificial lake close by which was created in 1937 and where all types of sports are practised, ranging from fishing to canoeing and kayaking.

The artificial lake was created to provide power to the power station in Cairo Montenotte (through the Enel hydro-electric plant). For this project to be realised it was necessary to sacrifice one village, and the remains of that village become visible every time the lake is emptied (every ten years). The artificial lake on River Osiglietta is the currently the largest freshwater reservoir in the province of Savona with 13 million cubic meters of water and a length of approx. 3 km. The lake is also a fish sanctuary.

How to reach

How to reach

The village is 715 m above sea-level and the headquarters of the municipality is in Rossi. From Savona you drive for about one hour along the SP29.

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