About Alassio city in Italy

About the city

The blossoming fishing village of Alassio

The small coastal town with near 10,000 residents sits at the Riviera di Ponente. The small fishing port of Luca Ferrari is very popular amongst tourists who spend their holiday in a holiday home in Alassio. The once flourishing fishing village became one of the most elegant centres along the Riviera with the development of international elite tourism. The lush greenery of the landscaped garden and the villas spread across the hills played a major role in this. Around the turn of the century, there were neither motorways nor airports in this area. Instead, people arrived by carriage and later by train.

The "Parco Avventura Solleone" is found in the Strada Panoramica San Bernardo. The theme park is found in the woods of Alassio and is definitely a special destination for excursions for both adults and children. You can enjoy the lovely view as you have your dinner.

Il Mureto Alassio

Contrast of old & new

When Albenga’s heyday came to a close, Alassio switched alliances to Genoa. Nevertheless, Alassio managed to preserve its economic prowess and independence.

You can still find many treasures from this era in Liguria; for instance, the palazzo of margrave Ferrero de Gubernatis Ventimiglia in Alassio. Napoleon spent many a night in this palace. The magnificent halls and chambers are really impressive. Another noble palace is the Palazzo Scofferi with a crucifix that’s attributed to Giambologna.

The 1.50-metre high visitor book of the town is called “Il Muretto” and proves very popular amongst photographers. A great variety of artists and celebrities have already left their mark of the small and colourful ceramic tiles.

Best restaurant in Alassio, Italy


The little bars and restaurants are right on the promenade, so there’s no need for you to leave the beach at all. They offer small snacks, menus and a vast selection of drinks. There truly is something for everybody.

Ice-cream fans in particular will get their money’s worth on “Bagni Nicade”. The “Galeteria Rainbow” is located on Piazza Partigiani. This unique icecream is well-known and very popular. You will get the most varied types of icecream as refreshment on a sunny beach day.  

A similarly special restaurant is “Ristorante Lamberti” on Via Gramsci. You will find excellent food and excellent wine there, together with fantastic ambience. The dining area and the terrace are elegantly furnished. The polite and courteous staff round off the dining experience completely.  

Best beach in Alassio

What to do

Alassio and its beach

The fine sandy beach in Alassio is considered one of the most beautiful in the region of Liguria. The fine quartz and limestone particles amass for about 4km and mostly run into the sea without any steep drops. Many guests arrive in the early spring or late autumn to really soak in the first and last sunshine of the year. Thanks to the mild climate, you can still relax on the beach of Alassio, when other places are already hit by rain and cold. The promenade running parallel to the beach, the crystal clear water, the colourful parasols and sun loungers all welcome you to a day of sunbathing and relaxation. There’s an elegant succession of numerous lidos.

Our tip for you is “Bagni Pierinella”. This section of the beach is very much visited each and every year, and is very clean and well organized. Those who rather go to a smaller section of the beach will feel at home on “Bagni Nicade”.

Sports offerings in Alassio

If you need a change from all that sunbathing on the beach, you will find plenty of action on the many sporting grounds, mini golf courses and riding schools.

History and nature aficionados are also in for a treat in Alassio. The 25 hiking trails all around the city make for some wonderful discoveries in the surrounding hilly landscape. One of the great routes is the Strada Romana, which takes you all the way to Kap Santa Croce. You can also follow the archaeological and roman trails and hike from Alassio to Albenga or the suburb of Solva. Here, you will find the church Santa Annuziata and the pilgrimage church Madonna della Guardia.The panorama view of the sea is breath-taking from this perspective. The famous parish church S. Ambrogio is a significant artistic and historical treasure. It dates back to the year 1507 and the portal of black stone and the magnificent bell tower are masterpieces of the Alassio architecture.

Alleys for a nice evening walk

Via XX Settembre exemplifies the typical Ligurian image. The wonderful little shopping street runs parallel to the sea. The alley with its modern stores and tasteful shop windows was established in the 16th and 17th century. You will find the most diverse choice of shops and several cosy little cafes offering the unique regional specialties are dotted in between the fashion, jewellery and bookstores. To reach the sea from here, simply follow the lanes that run parallel to Budello. 

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* Unless otherwise noted, distances are in driving minutes.
** Pools are open from the beginning of June untill the end of September unless otherwise indicated.

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