Villetta Portofino

four star rating 27.06.2015 - 04.07.2015, Wightwick J. (GB)

The best beach in Zoagli is off the promenade on the far side. There is extra parking in town on the one-way system on the way out.

Casa Romantica

four star rating 26.07.2014 - 09.08.2014, Davey C. (GB)

Local 4 Strade restaurant has excellent food and friendly owner. Laigueglia beach had lovely views and clear blue sea. Toirano caves also worth a visit. Portal was very useful before travel - not many companies offer this so that was a nice surprise. Also very helpful staff on the phone during our stay.

Villa Il Castello

four star rating 04.06.2014 - 18.06.2014, - -. (GB)

Visit the Cinque Terre, Portofino, walk from Rocco down to Punta Chiappa, visit PortoVenere and hire bikes in Levanto and pedal along the disused railway tunnels and discover many hidden and beautiful bays and beaches. Also spend a couple of days in Genoa visiting the three palaces and the old port nd make sure you eat plenty of focaccia, fresh pesto

Casa Castelvecchio 2

five star rating 17.08.2013 - 24.08.2013, Willis S. (GB)

Casa Carmen

four star rating 15.08.2013 - 29.08.2013, Maylin M. (GB)

The description needs to make it clear that the balcony is very small. A very nice town to stay. The car journey from Milan was about 2 1/2 - 3 hrs... OK for us... but others may find it easier to fly to Genoa. For regular trips to the beach, it is quicker (about 40 mins) to go to Levanto (not Sestri Levanto) -- and Levanto is a great palce to get the trains (nice and cheap) down to the Cinque Terre. Be aware of steep stairs at the accommodation. Be aware of the lack of catering facilities.

La Meridiana

one star rating 04.08.2013 - 11.08.2013, Marshall D. (GB)

Casa Leone

five star rating 01.08.2013 - 08.08.2013, Semko O. (GB)


Villa Poggio d Andora No 29

five star rating 27.07.2013 - 03.08.2013, Smith I. (GB)

Thank you.

Villa Poggio d Andora No 12

five star rating 27.07.2013 - 03.08.2013, Guthrie J. (GB)

Excellent property and near to the beach . It had more facilities than I expected and the furniture etc was of a very good standard. The sofa bed was excellent quality too. Really liked Andora, not full of British tourists and character is very Italian. Also plenty of places to eat and drink without the bad behaviour that some places have. Visited Alassio on the train and that was lovely too. The Restaurant Taxi was very friendly and helpful and the ice cream shop along the road was very nice too - even have soy milk and sugar free ice creams. The bakers across the railway line makes pizzas to take away too Liked the tasting of local produce - wine and salami etc

Villa Poggio d Andora No 10

four star rating 27.07.2013 - 03.08.2013, Burke J. (GB)

all ok Make sure you order you pizza delivery several hours before you want it !Take a shopping trolley for trips to supermarket if you like us don't take a car The Villa was well appointed , clean and surprisingly quiet for such a large house.We really enjoyed our stay there.A few more basic things would have been appreciated , like more toilet paper,washing up liquid.It is in a good location for the beach and the facilities in Andora.

Agriturismo La Vigna 2

five star rating 07.07.2013 - 13.07.2013, Quick A. (GB)

Lovely big terrace and beautiful swimming pool. We didn't ever find out if there was a supermarket near-by, so instructions about where to shop would be appreciated. Also we never discovered where we could buy bread in the mornings. Apart from that, our advice to future guests would be to get out and visit all the amazing hill-top villages and give the seaside a miss, unless you go just for an early morning swim!

Villetta Caruso

five star rating 06.07.2013 - 13.07.2013, fanelli d. (GB)

Very nice and private Excellent bars locally for cafe and light bites

Casa Montalto Studio

four star rating 06.07.2013 - 19.07.2013, Morgan L. (GB)

Villetta San Martino

five star rating 15.09.2012 - 22.09.2012, Holliday N. (GB)

Cap Landen Beach allows dogs (in September anyway). Near Cap Landen is a good walk to Imperia on the old road (now disused), where dogs can be off lead.

Villa dell Avvocato

four star rating 08.09.2012 - 15.09.2012, Pedder A. (GB)

Villa Poggio d Andora No 7

five star rating 08.09.2012 - 19.09.2012, Hill L. (GB)

Our room was very adequate as a holiday home. We've stayed in studios before where the bed has to be folded down, Poggio 7 this one is probably one of the better ones. We enjoyed everything about the house. The dark green paint on the stair walls is too dark for English tastes but that's just our taste. Everything about the room was fine. Our balcony was ideal as it overlooked the garden & terrace. Both garden & terrace were lovely, they were clean & well maintained. You very much have to find you own level & try different bars & restaurants. Most of the food in the restaurants was the same type, pizzas, pasta & veal. They all charge more or less the same price ( Europe's economics ills I think)so the differentiation is by the frienliness & service of restaurant staff. We had no problems whatsoever, the restaurant we used mostly was Restaurant Cacchiotori. Reasonable chioice & reasonably priced. We were in our own car so we drove to Imperia ( big & industrial ), to Diano Marina - a very very nice place, Alassio - bigger than Diano, just as nice but we preferred Diano & it's also difficult to find a parking space in Alassio, we also visited Albenga - we didn't like Albenga. In a previous holiday to Dolce Aqua we visited Bordighera & San Remo. Yes, I thought Villa Poggio was very very nice place to stay, the terrace, pool & grounds are very clean & well looked after. Our room & bathroom etc was exemplary it being very very clean & well looked after.

Casa Nostalgia

three star rating 19.08.2012 - 26.08.2012, Cooke M. (GB)

The local restaurant is fantastic.

Casa Montalto Studio

five star rating 19.08.2012 - 02.09.2012, Kolber J. (GB)

Furniture perfect job. Balcony very romantic and refreshing after hot day. Go to the local restaurant or shop and get advice help from them . Local people the best customer service. Nothing perfect German perfection.

Casa Mamorio

three star rating 28.07.2012 - 04.08.2012, walker a. (GB)

The furniture was actually very nice & we have no complaints here. Visit Alassio & Albenga.

Casa Bussana

five star rating 14.07.2012 - 21.07.2012, Rowbotham I. (GB)

No; everything was adequate. The local beach is delightful, 'Punta di Mare' is an excellent restaurant and the Pizzeria di Napoli, in the centre of Arma di Taggia, is marvellous. The bike hire service on the old route of the railway is just brilliant! Have a ride and a granita in St Stefano di Mare and ride back along the sea in time for dinner.

Villetta Caruso

five star rating 07.07.2012 - 14.07.2012, fanelli d. (GB)

No every thing you needed, perhaps an iron? Enjoy

Casa Viola

five star rating 20.06.2012 - 30.06.2012, Holton S. (GB)

Agriturismo La Vigna 1

three star rating 16.06.2012 - 30.06.2012, Griffith P. (GB)

The owners were great hosts, and kept the place lovely and tidy. There was plenty of entertainment in games, example, table tennis, bowls, table football, barbecue and swimming pool.

Villa Oneto

four star rating 10.09.2011 - 17.09.2011, PICKWELL D. (GB)

a garden would have been good, but it had been overgrown and garden furniture was poor return of deposit without asking would have been good.otherwise good agent

Villa Il Castello Due

five star rating 10.09.2011 - 17.09.2011, Lutman A. (GB)

Teapot Instructions on how to use TV We were most impressed with the help your staff were able to give us especially when we inadvertently locked ourselves out - Thankyou

Casa nelle Rose 2

five star rating 03.09.2011 - 10.09.2011, Lutman A. (GB)

More comfortable soft chairs Proper Chopping Board Teapot (essential for the English!!)

Villa Poggio d Andora No 1

five star rating 20.08.2011 - 27.08.2011, Lamanna S. (GB)

Everything was clean and new.... Perfec terrace for us as we were in the ground floor. Quite a good size.. Go and visit Albengha and Alassio. Nice free sandy beaches near the residence. No need to long as you bring your own chairs !

Casa Bicocca

five star rating 20.08.2011 - 27.08.2011, Cunningham M. (GB)

It would be useful to have a few tourist brochures or maps etc for guests' use during their stay. Alternatively, provision of WIFI would be great but I appreciate this may not be possible or financially viable!

Nonno Giovanni

five star rating 13.08.2011 - 20.08.2011, Perry P. (GB)

The furniture was lovely - old world and full of character. the garden and balcony was excellent be careful of some restaurants on the seafront can be very expensve. See the local villages which are also very pretty. Imperia is a lovely town. Very happy with the parking for my car. We didn't expect to have our own personal parking space at the cottage. Very nice.

Casa Virginia

four star rating 07.08.2011 - 14.08.2011, Deal C. (GB)

The garden is one of the best features of the property, Some outstanding restaurants in the village of Cervo, but a steep climb to them, but worth it.

Casa Cacciatore

five star rating 06.08.2011 - 20.08.2011, Rewsin M. (GB)

radio/stereo + ironing board would be nice Get a good map and don't arrive after dark - very difficult to find the place seats at nearby swimming pool need reserving in advance Many thanks for returning my forgotten purse!!!

Casetta Alessia

five star rating 26.07.2011 - 05.08.2011, Relph C. (GB)

Many thanks - we enjoyed the accomodation for ouyr stay in Italy.

Nonno Giovanni

four star rating 23.07.2011 - 30.07.2011, Blok A. (GB)

It was fine

Ca du Fen

four star rating 23.07.2011 - 30.07.2011, Leonard F. (GB)

Furniture was good, though there was no kettle or toaster and the cooker didn't seem to work well. The property was quite isolated so it is essential to drive as nearest store 10 minutes down hill.

Casetta Gorleri

four star rating 09.07.2011 - 16.07.2011, McGuire M. (GB)

Casa S. Lucia

three star rating 11.06.2011 - 25.06.2011, Jones P. (GB)

The surrounding areas are all well worth a visit. We liked Diana Marina.The food we found was very much the same at all the restaurants.Not a lot of variety. The overall holiday was very good, we would definately book through you again because the booking procedure was very easy and clear.

Villa Paradiso

four star rating 28.05.2011 - 11.06.2011, McGrath G. (GB)

Villino Camelia

four star rating 19.05.2011 - 31.05.2011, paton r. (GB)

Loved: Son Lorenzo al Mare, Badalocco, Ceriana and Capo S. Ampelio. favourite spots for Drinks and coffee: La Reserve at Capo S. Ampelio and the Agora Cafe in Piazza S. Siro, sam Remo

Villa Il Castello Due

four star rating 21.04.2011 - 28.04.2011, Sobrero L. (GB)

Follow Blumenriviera's advice for the excursions.

Casa Nathalie

four star rating 05.10.2010 - 12.10.2010, butt p. (GB)

All 3 restaurants very good, with Casa Dolcedo our favourite.

Condominio al Mare

three star rating 18.09.2010 - 25.09.2010, - -. (GB)

L'Ulivo di Sempre Verde

five star rating 14.09.2010 - 21.09.2010, - -. (GB)

Lovely terrace. Owner is lovely and gives plenty of information on localities and restaurants etc. Very enjoyable holiday thank you.

Casa Il Ponte

four star rating 21.08.2010 - 28.08.2010, Jackson H. (GB)

use the local bus. went to Diano marina and Imperia. both good places to visit. Liked beach at west end of cervo-quieter than san bartolomeo.loved the setting of the cafe in old cervo looking out over the bay. Had a very good holiday

Casa Bussana

four star rating 14.08.2010 - 28.08.2010, Rowbotham I. (GB)

Use the cycle track to explore the area. Enjoy the evenings walking, eating in the restaurants and enjoying ice cream in Arma di Taggia. Visit Monte Carlo on the train. Swim in the sea and visit San Remo and Bussana Vecchia. There was a five day festival in Bussana which we were fortunate to experience whilst there.

Casa Tiratasin

five star rating 31.07.2010 - 21.08.2010, O'Brien S. (GB)


Villetta San Raffaele

five star rating 31.07.2010 - 07.08.2010, (GB)

Your booking process is excellent and simple but I should have selected property closer to the sea.My fault.

Villa Poggio d Andora No 29

three star rating 31.07.2010 - 07.08.2010, Lennon C. (GB)

Villa Poggio d Andora No 29

four star rating 05.06.2010 - 19.06.2010, Richards C. (GB)

No, Everything in the house was nice and very clean and new. an extra much smaller pool woudl be helpful if you have small children. Allasio is a much more tourist area with some amazing restaurants. You buy cheaper bus tickets at the tobacconist than you would on the bus. the buses are very regular and very pleasant. Overall the location was good for what we were looking for. The apartments were still in the building stages and a cement mixer was outside the whole holiday as were new windows etc. There was some wires uncovered when we first arrived but luckily by the time my 2 year old nephew arrived they were covered up and everything seemed to be coming together. The coffee & drink/snack machine was installed on our last day.

Casa Cacciatore

four star rating 14.09.2009 - 28.09.2009, Waites S. (GB)

San Sebastiano No. 214

four star rating 21.08.2009 - 28.08.2009, Gibbs P. (GB)

Spend at least one day exploring Ligurian mountains.

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