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Tavole in Italy | Province of Imperia, Liguria

Tavole is a quiet little mountain town near Dolcedo. It is perfect for getting to know nature and is a great place to start out a hike.




Dolcedo, Imperia

Tavole's inhabitants practice lively coexistence with each other

Both at work and play

Travel tips

Travel tips

Chiesa parrocchiale dell'Annunziata

Chiesetta campestre di Santa Marta, della Santissima Trinità and della Natività di Maria

Tavole's residents still practice the ball-sport known as "sport del balon" or Pallone elastico/Pallapugno, which is quite typical of the Ligurian and Pietmontian valleys.



Prelà, which was originally called Pietralata, was in the Middle Ages a region governed by the Counts of Ventimiglia and later of Hochburg, the Grimaldi family. After that it was transferred to the county of Tenda, and then it became property of the Doria and Lascaris Genoese and finally in 1575 it was sold to the Duchy of Savoyen. There followed its admission to the kingdom of Sardinia and in 1861 to the Kingdom of Italy.

From 1973 to 31st December 2008 Prelà was a member of the Comunità Montana dell’Olivo.

How to reach

How to reach

The hamlet of Tavole is approx. 3.07 km away from the municipality of Prelà.

There are other hamlets too which belong to the municipality of Prelà, namely Canneto (0.80 km), Casa Carli (0.77, km), Costiolo (0.65 km), Molini (0.13 km), Novelli (3.04 km), Praelo (0.42 km), Valloria (1.67 km) and Villatalla (3.41 km).

The hamlet of Tavole lies 473 meters above sea-level.

Approx. 89 persons live in Tavole, and you can reach there by driving towards Dolcedo after branching off from the highway exit at Imperia Ovest, then turning left into the SP39 at Dolcedo and following the road signs through Molini, Valloria up to Tavole.

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