La Spezia

Beverino in the green Vara valley

A paradise for anglers and cyclists

Castello di Beverino and Castello di Bracelli

Chiesa Parrocchiale di Santa Croce

Roman aqueduct in Corvara

Villa Costa

Fishing, rafting and kayaking, cycle tours along the Vara river

Fiera d'Estate on the 3rd Sunday in June in San Cipriano di Beverino

Dialect Theater, on 10th August in the district capital Padi Varma.

The village was an old possession of Estensi whose roots lie in the Langobardic dynasty, in the fiefdom of Vezzano Ligure. Between the 11th and the 13th century there was a hard struggle for the control of Beverino by the Malaspina family and the Anglican diocese of Luni. With the appointment of Napoleon as ruler of France in 1797, the municipality came under the jurisdiction of the Gulf of Venere. In 1815 it fell to the kingdom of Sardinia and in 1861 as part of the Kingdom of Italy, Beverino was first under the jurisdiction of the province of Genoa and since 1923 it has been part of the province La Spezia.

Beverino is located 11 km away, behind La Spezia and on the River Vara in the valley bearing the same name, Vara, and it can be through the A12 highway or the SS1 from La Spezia. Parts of this town lie in Parco naturale regionale di Montemarcello-Magra.

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