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Arenzano in Italy | Province of Genoa, Liguria

Spend your holiday in the seaside town of Arenzano in Liguria, Italy.





Popular coastal resort near Genova

Diving, walking, cycling and feasting - Arenzanos versatility is impressive

Travel tips

Travel tips

The Pista Ciclabile runs from Arenzano via Cogoleto up to just before Varazze; you will find a bicycle rental company at the port entrance.

An event for hikers: Mare & Monti which attracts hikers from all around the world. The celebration consists of organized parades, street parties and cultural meetings. As a rule, the march comprises three or four paths which lead through the streets of the town and converge into the many mountain walk-ways.

The park and the Negrotto Cambiaso Villa can be toured all day long from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Dance workshops are organized in the Figoli Villa every summer with the participation of leading personalities from the world of ballet and abroad. Many concerts are organized in conjunction with the Music Academy of Arenzano, the Arenzano City Orchestra and other music and singing colleges.

The Arenzanese Focaccia dish is typical of Arenzano and it is prepared like the famous Focaccia with just cheese on top.

Events in Arenzano 2016

One can find all beach adsresses under this website

Arenzano has a very beautiful seafront along the Via Aurelia with many palm trees

The first sub-water-diving base was opened on 8th June 2008 [26], and it is the only one in Italy with a depth of 15 meters and a total area of 1,200 square meters.

The pool was given on behalf of the Liguria region and in conjunction with Tuscany, the region of Sardinia, and the Ministry of Industry. It is a training center made of reinforced concrete elements for diving schools. 



According to historical sources the first settlement was based on a primary allocation of the Roman Empire in the first century after Christ. Only the old name of the town, Arentianis, is taken from the property or possession of the Ligurian Arentii family. The historical transformation of the center and the surrounding villages took place in the early Middle Ages due to the proximity of the city of Genoa.

The town was attacked by the barbarians in the Middle Ages and occupied by the Sarazens in the tenth century, and the same also happened to the area belonging to March Obertenga, which was in the possession of a Lombardic family known as the "Oberthengi", and which was once again revived through the expulsion of the Sarazens. Documents and references from the twelfth century provide testimony of the old and most important activities of the city of Arenzano: Shipbuilding and maritime shipping which led people to the Genoan colonies, to Corsica, the black sea and to the Far East.

How to reach

How to reach

This coastal town lies west of Genoa, and you can access it through the A10 Highway, through the Via Aurelia coastal street and by train.

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