The nightlife here is often underestimated and does not always fit, at first glance, to the more conservative lifestyle of the Ligurians. They can not only prepare good food, but they also like to celebrate and party.

Below is a list of some nightlife possibilities:

night market in genoa

cinque terre

nightlife in liguria

fireworks in liguria


Caffè del Porto

Very friendly and beautiful pre- and post-dinner bar just behind the Ligurian Sea. It’s considered the best American bar in Imperia.

Address: Piazza De Amicis, Imperia

Category: Bar

Phone: +39 0183 292759

Winston Churchill

Hidden away from the city centre of Imperia, this lovely local bar with a wonderful name is definitely worth a visit.

Address: Via Giuseppe Airenti 380, Imperia

Phone: +39 0183666902

Category: Pub

Capanne Africane

Are you eager to go out somewhere in Imperia? Then you could definitely choose to go to the Capanne Africane. The Capanne Africane is an ethnic nightclub situated in an idyllic location, only 100m away from the Ligurian Sea. Beach, restaurant and disco with 2 rooms dedicated to dance and Latin American music.

Address: Via Lamboglia, Imperia Borgo Prino

Phone: +39 0183 666514 - +39 0183 60191 - +39 3283034008

Category: Nightclub


The Tapas bar is wonderfully located just a few metres away from the Ligurian Sea. The Tapas bar offers delightful food together with delicious cocktails and beverages, all mixed with some nice music. Prices of the tapas is between 1€ and 5€.

Address: Via Nino Lamboglia, Imperia

Category: Bar/Disco

A'frik Beach party

Music: Disco-Mix (Thu 22:00-04:00)/Salsa (Su)

Specialties: Arabian style (chill-out areas close to the sea).

Italian, English, French are spoken here

Entrance: approx. 10 € (summer)

Address: Spianata Borgo Peri – Imperia Oneglia

Tel: +39 0183 767 790


Cafè del Mar

A nice bar which offers high quality food, from cakes to snacks, and a variety of drinks and cocktails.

Address: Via Genova, 60, 18013 Diano Marina

Phone: +39 0183 495055

Category: Cocktail Bar

Pub Excalibur

An old English-style pub, with high quality beers and nice music.

Address: via Cairoli (Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi), Diano Marina

Phone: +39 0183 495055

Category: Pub

Valery Club

A nice bar where you can taste delicious cocktails decorated with fresh fruits.

Address: Via Generale Ardoino, Diano Marina

Phone: +39 0183 403109

Category: Cocktail Bar

Valerie Club

A nice cocktail bar with a younger clientele. Italian, German, English and French are spoken here.

Opening times: 21:00 - close, closed on Sunday

You can park along the street. Prices from 5 €

Address: Via Aurelia/Via XX Settembre 29, Diano Marina

Tel: +39 0183 495 040


21 - Lunch Music Bar

In the pedestrian area of Piazza Bresca, the heart of Sanremo’s nightlife, you can find bar 21. It has a lovely old-fashioned atmosphere and its name is connected to an ancient legend, according to which the ghosts of three noble gentlemen live in the house where the bar is now located.  If you wish to spend a special evening with your loved one, don’t forget to reserve the Table 21 and order the special cocktail “21 in Love”.

Address: Piazza Bresca 21, Sanremo

Category: Cocktail Bar

Big Ben

Located in the square which is the heart of Sanremo’s nightlife, this bar offers a nice atmosphere to locals as well as to tourists, even from Northern Italy, mainly from Milan and Turin, who love to spend weekends in the milder Ligurian climate.

Address: Piazza Bresca, Sanremo

Phone: +39 0184500770

Category: Pub

Victory Morgana Bay

A lovely lounge bar and restaurant where you can enjoy Ligurian culinary specialties as well as sushi, buffets and menus à la carte. Delicious cocktails and wines won’t disappoint your expectations. Various music events are organised during the summer. It’s a great location also for events such as wedding receptions.

Address: Corso Trento e Trieste 16, Sanremo

Category: Lounge Bar


A nice open-air nightclub where various events take place each weekend. Fundamental ingredients are nice music to dance to and fun!

Category: Nightclub

Address: Corso Trento e Trieste 16, Sanremo

Phone: +39 393 99 30 072 - +39 393 99 30 075 - +39 329 30 40 305

The Drunken Clam

If you love beers, you shouldn’t miss this pub! It could be considered the beers’ paradise in Sanremo!

Address: Piazza Bresca, Sanremo

Category: Pub

Caffè Ducale

A fine bar located in the centre of Sanremo where you can taste delicious cocktails.

Address: Corso Matteotti, Sanremo

Category: cocktail bar

Bresca café

This nice bar is located in the heart of Sanremo’s nightlife. Here you can taste delicious cocktails at a cheaper price.

Address: Piazza Bresca – Sanremo

Category: cocktail bar, café

Caffé Astra

Nice café where you can taste delicious snacks like toast or focaccia filled with a lot of delicious ingredients such as ham, tomatoes and much more.

Address: Via Carli (Via Roma) – Sanremo

Category: Café

Kermesse Café

Delicious aperitifs and many types of coffee: don’t miss the American coffee!

Address: Piazza Bresca – Sanremo

Category: Café, cocktail bar

Pravda Café

A wine bar in the old town of Sanremo with a Russian atmosphere. The owner himself is half Russian and offers his customers a great variety of cocktails, wines and especially vodkas.

Category: Winebar, cocktail bar

Address: Piazza San Siro 16, Sanremo


Discoteca Kursaal

You want spend your night having fun and hearing good dance music? Then this is the perfect nightclub for you! Many events and just one protagonist: music!

Category: Nightclub

Address: Lungomare Argentina 7, Bordighera

Kukua - Happy Beach

A nice bar when you can taste delightful aperitifs and listen to nice music. After dinner you can enjoy many live music events.

Category: Cocktail Bar

Address: Lungomare Argentina 1, Bordighera


A nice cocktail bar where every Friday and Saturday night talented DJs make you dance with the best disco music.

Category: Cocktail Bar

Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele 4, Bordighera

Buga Buga

A nice restaurant with a nice atmosphere, where you can taste Ligurian specialties and good wines.

Category: Cocktail Bar

Address: Corso Italia 13, Bordighera


La Pinta

Choose your favourite type of pasta, choose one of the delicious sauces on the menu, and be ready to taste a delicious big portion of the most famous Italian main course! Or, if you prefer fish dishes, this is the right place for you in any case! A nice atmosphere and a rich menu for your lunch or dinner or just for a beer after dinner with your friends.

Address: Via Elba 15, San Bartolomeo al Mare

Category: Restaurant, Pub

Locanda Ai Secoli Bui

Enjoy your meal in a mediaeval atmosphere! The specialties of this restaurant are steaks, pizzas, and much more.

Address: Vico delle Fate 1, San Bartolomeo al Mare

Category: Wine Bar, Steakhouse, Seafood Restaurant


News Cafe

Beer Selection, Cocktails, Spirits & Liqueurs, soft Drinks, coffee and food. All of this packed and served by friendly staff in a nice location near the sea.

Address: Baglietto 36 R, 17100 Savona

Cafe del Mar

A nice Cocktail bar in the heart of "Vecchia Darsena”. Good selection of spirits and wines. Lovely-prepared cocktails.

Address: Via Baglietto 30r, 17100 Savona

Phone: +393385402989

Category: Bar

Golden Beach

Equipped beach, restaurant, cocktail bar and nightclub, all in just one place! At the weekends you can enjoy a nice aperitif on the beach before a dancing night or a delicious fish dinner in the restaurant before having fun and dancing all night long. Table reservation required.

Category: Nightclub

Address: Passeggiata Montale 6, Albisola Superiore, Savona


Phone: info reservations +39 339.444.62.67 – info restaurant +39 347.591.83.64 – info beach +39 349.634.91.01


La Bodeguita De La Playa

Cocktails served on the beach and special music events (dance, reggae, funky, 80s, 90s) organised during the summer nights. All this is the nightclub “LaBdellaP”!

Address: Via Aurelia (Bagni Europa), Andora

Category: Nightclub, Cocktail Bar

Singlefin Surf Cafè

Life is like surfing the waves... that is the philosophy of this nice pub directly by the sea.

Address: Via Sant'Ambrogio, 7-9

Category: Pub

Le Rocce di Pinamare

Beach party, Music: Disco-Mix (Mo)

Italian, English, French are spoken here

Own parking area (small), further possibilities are beside the Via Aurelia

Entrance: approx. 20 € (summer)

Address: Via Aurelia 39, Andora

Phone: +39 0182 85223


La Capannina

Open Air Disco

Music: House (Sa)/Disco-Mix (Thu)

Italian, English are spoken here

You can park on the Via Aurelia between Laigueglia and Alassio

Entrance: approx. 10 € (summer)

Address: Regione Serre 20, Alassio

Le Vele

Glamour nightclub where important music events with internationally famous DJs are organised during the whole summer season. Advanced table reservation is required, particularly if you wish to participate in one of the events.

Category: Nightclub

Address: Via Giancardi 50, Alassio

Phone: +39 3484436681

Discoteca Al Porto

Open just during the winter on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, this nightclub includes a fine restaurant and a big disco with different music genres and many events. During the summer season this nightclub is relocated in one of the various summer clubs in the Riviera.

Category: Nightclub

Address: Porto Luca Ferrari 26, Alassio


Piazza delle Erbe: Square for bars

On a Friday night in Genoa, you should head to the Piazza delle Erbe and stroll around its narrow streets. Piazza delle Erbe is just below the Piazza de Ferrari, which is the main Piazza or square in Genoa. Piazza delle Erbe is a small and cosy square with several different bars and is packed with locals. Lots of restaurants and bars can also be found in the different streets leading to the piazza.

Address: Piazza delle Erbe, Genova

Category: Bar/Club/Restaurant

La Polena: "Probably the oldest pub in Genova"

One of the oldest pubs in the centre of Genova. The owners are very nice, the beers are good as well as the sandwiches, piadine or pasta, and it's one of the cheapest places to have dinner at any hour (open every day till 3am). If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, air conditioning, old medieval interiors and good food & beer, this is the place to go!

Dress Code: Really not elegant, this place is for "real" people, not for fashion shows!

Address: Vico delle Cinque Lampadi 11r , Genova

Directions: Just in front of the San Lorenzo Cathedral, take the little street down then, after a little square, you'll see a couple of even smaller streets on the right. The Polena is on the second one; you'll see a big spot out of the pub, and no sign.

Phone: +39.010.2543060

Category: Bar

La Nouvelle Vague

It's the first "eno-library" in Genoa: you can read and buy books as well as drinking wine, coffee, beer, cocktails... or just do both things at the same time, like reading a book while drinking a good glass of Italian wine!

The atmosphere is fantastic, in an underground cellar, with old medieval columns and bricks.

There is a large selection of wines and other beverages of any type and price. La Nouvelle Vague is open till 1pm during workdays, and until 2pm during weekends.

Address: Vico De' Gradi 4r, Genova

Directions: Walk along the Via San Lorenzo, it's the first "vicolo" (narrow street) on the left if you come from the harbour, or the last vicolo on the right if you come from the Cathedral.


Phone: +39.010.256272

Category: Bar

I Quattro Canti: Great beers in the old town!

I Quattro Canti is an English-style pub located in the heart of the old town, just a few metres down the Via Garibaldi, in the Maddalena district. You can find some Scottish and Irish beers as well as a large choice of sandwiches. The place is quite small and very picturesque, with very nice background music.

Address: Via ai Quattro Canti di S. Francesco 28r, Genova

Directions: Just a few metres down the Piazza della Meridiana (Via Garibaldi-Via Cairoli)

Phone: +39.010.252997

Category: Bar

Irish pub: The best beers in Genoa!

Even if it's called the Irish Pub, there is nothing Irish about this place. But that certainly doesn't mean it's not a good place. If you want to drink the best international beers in Genoa, especially Belgian ones, you have to come here. You'll find a lot of good food too, from sandwiches, to salads, hamburgers, sausages, along with good spirits and liquors.

Address: Via Bolzano, 23/R - Genova Quinto

Directions: It's in the Genova-Quinto district, 100m to the sea and about 200m from Quinto railway station

Phone: +39.010.3200437

Category: Bar

La Claque: Music & Theatre

In the centre of Genova´s nightlife Piazza delle Erbe, just behind the corner there's a magic place in which a club meets a theatre. The atmosphere is perfect to enjoy intimate concerts with indie bands, or watching cabaret shows.

Dress Code: No dress code

Address: Vicolo San Donato 9, Genova


Category: Music

La Bottega del conte

Really nice and authentic bar in the historical centre of Genova. Enter this lovely bar and experience a mediaeval atmosphere.

Address: Via delle Grazie, 47 Genova‎

Phone: +39 010 246 8356

Category: Bar


Le vernissage

Little charming place with the best view on the Santa Margherita bay, next to the Castle. A perfect place to drink nice cocktails and wines or eat little snacks during the summer evenings while enjoying the wonderful view.

Address: Salita al Castello, 8, Santa Margherita

Category: Lounge and American bar

Phone: +39 0185 28 19 90

Santa Beach Club

As alternative to crowded discos, this modern and charming club is perfect for people in their 30s. Beautiful view of the Ligurian Sea, beach, restaurant, and old and new disco music.

Address: Ammiraglio Canevaro 2, Santa Margherita

Phone: +39 0185 28 15 50 - +39 342 8026846

Category: Disco club and lounge bar

Miami Café

American bar by excellence, it is the meeting point of Santa Margherita’s nightlife. The club is open from Tuesday to Saturday until 4 a.m. Miami café is more than a club, it opens at 11 a.m. and it is also a perfect place to sit outside and enjoy some drinks and good Italian food.

Address: Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 29, 16038 Santa Margherita Ligure

Category: Club/Bar

Phone: +39 0185 283424



Is this Morocco? Or maybe we are in Africa? No! This nice restaurant and lounge bar is situated in Albenga with a beautiful view to the island of Gallinara! Enjoy delicious cocktails, or taste elaborate fish dishes, or participate in exclusive events… all surrounded by a wonderful ethnic atmosphere.

Category: Restaurant, Lounge bar, Nightclub

Address: Via Michelangelo 23, Albenga (Savona)

Oblivion Bar

All cocktails, the traditional ones and the most innovative ones from all over the world, are made with the newest mixing methods (essences, "vaporisation", etc.). Wines and the best teas from all over the world can be found in this nice bar too. The seafood appetiser is definitely something not to miss (reservation only). The location is very striking and breath-taking. The villa was built in the '50s by the genius architect Mario Galvagni and it will become artistic heritage. Price/quality relationship is good because the products are bought directly from importers or producers.

Address: Via Torre d'Ere 1, Bergeggi (Savona)

Category: Bar

Phone: +39 3406023619

Cafe ZiPier

Cosy pub, small kitchen, live music, dart club, art and books, that’s all what café ZiPier is about.

Address: Avenaggi 17, Rapallo (Genova)

Category: Bar

Phone: +39 3408653134

Tatanka Club

Tatanka is one of the most appreciated nightclubs on the Riviera. You can enjoy cocktails, aperitifs and music events.

Category: Nightclub

Address: Via Lungomare, Arma di Taggia (Imperia)

La Suerte

Fine nightclub directly by the sea where you can enjoy a walk on the sandy beach drinking a cocktail or, during the summer, you can participate in one of the many parties on the beach. It’s also a great location for wedding receptions and other important events.

Dress code: pretty elegant

Category: Nightclub

Address: via Roma 115, Laigueglia (Savona)



Black Legend

Music, cocktails, wines, champagnes and a charming atmosphere. This famous nightclub is open from Thursday to Saturday from 23:00 to 5:00 and is also a perfect location for private events and professional meetings.

Address: Quai Albert 1er (Route de la Piscine)

Category: Nightclub


It is one of the most famous nightclubs on the French Riviera.

Its chic and at the same time modern atmosphere has recently attracted many stars like George Clooney, Bono Vox, Naomi Campbell and many more.

During the summer it is open 7 days a week.

Address: Le Sporting Monte-Carlo, Avenue Princesse Grace

Category: Nightclub

Sass Café

Not only a restaurant and not only a club! Taste its delicious culinary specialties inspired by the Mediterranean and Italian cuisines and after dinner enjoy the magic atmosphere and the great music all night long.

Address: 11 avenue Princesse Grace

Category: Restaurant and nightclub



This is one of the most famous pubs in Cannes for its big TV screens and its theme nights. Enjoy an Irish atmosphere, Irish live music on Sunday nights, delicious beers, and watch your favourite big sport events.

Address: 10 Rue Teissère

Category: Pub

Le bar à vin

In this nice intimate wine bar you can choose from over 150 different types of wines! And if you wish to know everything about the world of wine, then you can ask the owner Cédric who can tell you all you need to know about wine. Enjoy a delicious glass of wine eating little dishes and enjoy nice background music.

Address: 10 Rue Marceau

Category: Wine bar

Morrison Lounge

An eclectic and elegant atmosphere, live music and a large terrace where you can enjoy summer nights. In the centre of Cannes you can find this nice lounge bar which certainly won’t disappoint you.

Address: 8 Rue Teissère

Category: Lounge bar


Le Relais Negresco

The hotel Negresco is one of the symbols of Nice: it’s impossible not to notice its majestic building while walking on the beautiful avenue Promenade des Anglais. It means charm, luxury, ostentation and of course very high prices. If you want to live in a luxurious atmosphere for one evening, then try the Relais Negresco with its great piano bar!

Address: 37 promenade des Anglais

Category: Bar

High Club/Studio 47

This trendy nightclub is the perfect place for those who want to dance till the morning and enjoy great music played each weekend by the most famous international DJs.

It’s divided in two separate clubs: the “High Club” is perfect for younger people in their 20s, while the “Studio 47” is designed for people in their 30s.

Address: 45 Promenade des Anglais

Category: Nightclub

Les Trois Diables

This nice nightclub whose name means “the three devils” is located in the old town and is particularly loved by the students for its cheap drinks, its fun-loving atmosphere, the good music and the karaoke night on Wednesdays!

Address: 2 Cours Saleya

Category: Nightclub

Nightclubs in Savona > Alassio

    Al Porto
  • Address:    Via Francesco Airaldi, 14
  • Telephone number   Layla: 348 1428089 oder Noemi 348.6389966
  • Language:
    • English
    • Italian
  • specialities
    • Thurs from 8.30: food, drinks and music - free entrance for ladies; Sat from 11.00: appr. 10-20 €. Sun from 11.00: Noche Caliente - free entrance.

  • Thurs from 8.30: food, drinks and music - free entrance for ladies; Sat from 11.00: appr. 10-20 €. Sun from 11.00: Noche Caliente - free entrance.

Nightclubs in Imperia > Diano Marina

  • Address:    Via Mortola, 4
  • Telephone number   0039/3393046780
  • Language:
    • Italian

Nightclubs in Imperia > Imperia (City)

    Baia Salata e Capanne
  • Address:    Strada Lamboglia, 1
  • Telephone number   183666514
  • Language:
    • German
    • English
    • French
    • Italian

Nightclubs in Imperia > San Bartolomeo al Mare

    Valerie's Club
  • Address:    Via XX Settembre, 29
  • Telephone number   0183.495040
  • Language:
    • German
    • English
    • French
    • Italian
  • specialities
    • Open from 9.00; closed on Sundays; open only in the low season, from mid Oct to mid May.

  • Open from 9.00; closed on Sundays; open only in the low season, from mid Oct to mid May.

Nightclubs in Savona > Laigueglia

    La Suerte
  • Address:    Via Roma, 60
  • Telephone number   0182-699136
  • Language:
    • English
    • Italian
  • specialities
    • Open air disco open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Entrance fee, appr. 15-30 €.

  • Open air disco open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Entrance fee, appr. 15-30 €.

Nightclubs in Savona > Andora

    Le Rocce di Pinamare Beachparty
  • Address:    Via Aurelia, 4
  • Telephone number   336.257.257
  • Language:
    • English
    • Italian
  • specialities
    • Beach party open from July. Every Monday. Entrance fee, appr. 15-30 €.

  • Beach party open from July. Every Monday. Entrance fee, appr. 15-30 €.
  • Address:    Lungomare C.Colombo, 5
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone number   0182/690159
  • Language:
    • English
    • Italian
  • specialities
    • On Fridays, Salsa Music and on Saturdays, house music. Entrance fee, appr. 10-20 €

  • On Fridays, Salsa Music and on Saturdays, house music. Entrance fee, appr. 10-20 €

Nightclubs in La Spezia > Lerici

    L'Eco del Mare
  • Address:    Localit� Codina, 14
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone number   0187-968609
  • Language:
    • German
    • English
    • French
    • Italian

Nightclubs in Genova > Sestri Levante

    Circolo Virgola
  • Address:    Via S.Vittoria, 4
  • Telephone number   185480253
  • Language:
    • Italian
  • specialities
    • ballroom dancing

  • ballroom dancing

Nightclubs in Piemont > Abbazia di Staffarda

    Twiga beach club
  • Address:    Viale Roma, 2
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone number   3490764668
  • Language:
    • English
    • Italian

Nightclubs in Genova > Lavagna

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